Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Russian plane crashes in Sinai, Egypt

Lexi Anderson
News Editor

On October 31, a Russian plane crashed in Sinai, Egypt, killing all 224 passengers aboard. Now, the exact cause of this disastrous event is being investigated, causing an uproar of conflicting ideas.
 The plane was en route to St.Petersburg, Russia from Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt when it crashed. About 25 minutes into the flight, the plane suddenly plummeted and disappeared from radar. The wreckage from the plane was spread over an 8 square mile piece of desert, evidence that the plane had disintegrated before it fell towards the ground. A memorial service was held in St. Petersburg at the city's St. Isaac's Cathedral. The cathedral bell was rung 224 times, in memory of each victim. So far, the remains of 58 victims have been identified through DNA testing.
 The source of the crash is still a mystery, although opinions and ideas have been circulating. President Obama thinks that there may have been a bomb on the plane, while Britain has jumped to an even more extreme idea that terrorists were behind the crash. Hossam Kamal, the Egyptian minister of civil aviation, is urging against jumping to conclusions so soon, saying that there is no evidence of a bombing. Egypt also isn’t revealing any information about the event to Western journalists, hoping to keep such accusations from developing.   However, American military officials have satellite footage of a flash of light occurring when the plane broke into pieces, proving that it had to have been blown up in some way, with one of the officials stating that it was 99.9% certain.
 In light of these events, President Abdel Fatah el-Sisi is trying his hardest to prevent any negative publicity from circulating regarding terrorists or poor airport security. Vladimir Putin is working to dismiss the idea that the crash had anything to do with Russia’s bombing campaign in Syria. Britain, on the other hand, is using this crash as an opportunity to shed light on Russia’s indecent involvement in the Syrian conflict.
 While the cause of the plane crash is still unknown, investigations are continuing every day to determine the root of the problem. In the meantime, different countries will use this crash as means to benefit themselves, or to place blame on another country.
Contributed by Alexandra Buchler

Friday, November 6, 2015

Troops in Afghanistan continue to serve until 2017

Bernadette del Prado and Parker Miele
Staff Writers

On October 15, 2015, Barack Obama, announced that the United States national troops stationed in Afghanistan would continue serving there at least until 2017, the end of Obama’s term, but could possibly be stationed there for longer. The continuing issue of the Taliban, ISIS, and other terrorist associations rose in the Middle-Eastern area, yet there have been a multitude of possible solutions that have not yet been established.
Obama claimed, “To the Afghan people, who have suffered so much – Americans’ commitment to you and to a secure, stable and unified Afghanistan, that remains firm … And as you defend and build your country, today is a reminder that the United States keeps our commitments.”  The main objective of the stationed U.S. troops in Afghanistan is to train Afghan soldiers, as well as make alliances with their national forces to create a stronger military to go against terrorists groups in Syria, Iraq, and Pakistan. The Afghan military do not obtain an air force, a stable medical evacuation system, nor experienced training. The stationed troops in Afghanistan will create a more significant and beneficial relationship with the United States and Middle-Eastern nations suffering with the existence of terrorists groups in the country.
In 2001, approximately 100,000 U.S. troops in Afghanistan. Currently, the U.S. obtains 10,000 troops in Afghanistan, and will attempt to maintain at least 5,500 to remain in Afghanistan. Withdrawal of troops was a constant dilemma with stationed soldiers in Afghanistan, but finally had the solution to reduce the amount, as the national military is experiencing the dilemma of medical limitations and having too many military forces, Obama hopes that this many troops will protect individuals from terrorist attacks through Asia and Africa.
Although all these very respected individuals have to experience a multitude of hardships being about from the thousands of emotional families, the troops have the job to serve our nation and play influential roles for our future generations.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Deer storms campus

Anna Sirianni

A deer charged through a pack of football players before the team’s practice on Oct. 8 at approximately 2:45 p.m. The team chased the deer as it ran from the woods near the weight room and past Junior Victoria Kalinovich.
 “I thought it was coming at me, but it wasn’t. Then it fell like three feet in front of me and made a big noise,” Kalinovich said. “I was actually terrified.”
 The deer ran into the library courtyard, which is a dead end. It was trapped as the football team quickly formed a crowd around it.
 “The deer kept hitting the walls of the school,” said Senior football player Alec Coburn.
 Within seconds, the deer charged through the crowd and back towards the weight room. The football team chased it away while shouting. Senior Cameron Skoroda filmed the deer’s escape with his iPhone.
 “I don’t know why we chased the deer...That thing came flying at us,” Coburn said.  
 “I don’t think [chasing the deer] was a good idea. It was on school property,” Kalinovich said.
 Deer are most active in September and October, so it is easier to spot deer at this time of year, even on campus.

Freshmen Visit Middle Bucks Institute of Technology

Alexandra Buchler
Staff Writer

The freshmen visited the Middle Bucks Institute of Technology to discover new career fields they may be interested in on Oct. 14. With career training in cosmetology, culinary arts, mechanics, movie making, child care, computer technology, construction, human health services, and more, MBIT is an extremely diverse trade school. Students heard the teachers in each department speak about their classes, giving a small overview of each individual course. Each class counts as credits towards college, and up to 18 credits can be earned.
 “It was cool to see how there was an actual daycare where students can go one-on-one with actual kids,” said Jordyn Sherman.
 “Me and some of my friends were really interested in the medicine department,” said Jon Li.
 “I never knew cosmetology could be so complicated!” said Lauren Adler.
The students toured MBIT in groups, each led by someone who worked there. The tour guides answered any questions the students had. All of the departments had people with all different experiences. Tours were in the morning and the students were there from 8:30 to 10:30. Most groups did not get around to all 23 programs, but MBIT is having an open house night in January for all students who wish to visit each program and receive a thorough explanation of the courses.

Hope for Haunted Woods

Julianna Slominski and Jack Slominski
Staff Writer

Rumor has it this will be the last haunted woods. With renovations occurring throughout the school, the woods are bound to be cut down. However, Mr. G said, “It won’t all be cut down.”
 If Mr. G’s prediction pulls through, then haunted woods will face changes. It is most likely that the route will be redirected throughout the remainder of the woods. With a smaller amount of space, is it going to be too cramped? Bernadette Del Prado said, “I don’t want to be able to hear or see what is going to happen before I even get to it.”
 Mr. Sherman is disappointed for what is going to happen to the haunted woods, but excited for his new workout room to take its place. Students question if it is worth it for new shiny equipment and more space.
 “If this plan were to follow through, then we all would feel something missing during the month of October,” said Parker Meile. He worries that the land is not being put to good use.
 As for this year, students have been working hard to make it the best year yet. Each section follows the central theme inspired from the hit TV series American Horror Story.
 Each grade level decided on a season from the show to decorate their section in the woods. The order isn’t the same as the previous years. The sophomore class has chose the first section similar to they did last year. Will they be brave and find new places to spook you or can you remember where they were hiding last year? The freshman follow the sophomore taking the second part and the seniors claimed the third spot leaving the juniors with the last section. All grade levels are hopeful for a frightful haunted woods this year.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Senior year’s new ending: meet the APEX project

Bailey Jaronski
Features Editor

Seniors will not be attending school beginning May 13, 2016. Instead, this year’s class will be the first to take on the APEX project.
  The APEX, which stands for Active Personal Educational eXperience, will allow students to seize the opportunity to branch out into the real world before graduation.
  Despite the necessary community service hours, this is the last project students will complete on their high school record to satisfy all requirements for graduation.
  Each student is encouraged to schedule an internship, shadowing or engaging in some type of hands-on experience that incorporates his or her passion with learning. Students are told not to expect or accept payment, as the APEX project is not an extended job.
 Students should treat this opportunity as an upaid internship on the high school level that mimcs the kinds of experiences usually reserved for college students.
  The students have to take notes to stay engaged throughout their internships and construct a presentation explaining their experience. Students will participate in check-ins with teachers throughout their APEX time to make sure they are utilizing the time for its proper purpose.
  Opportunities for internships are chosen by the student. Students are encouraged to pursue their interests and find a connection with a line of work they are interested in entering in the future.
  Mrs. Soriano and Mr. Finley are the head supervisors, along with Mr.  Malone. Students are free to meet with them as project dates gets closer.  The supervisors  can offer insight on available internships, guidelines, and recommendations.
  The value of the APEX projectwill largely be determined by the effort students put into it. This is the inaugural year, but many predict that the project is here for years to come.

Homecoming week brought school spirit

Claudia Kolinchak & Hannah Goulding
Staff Writers

Homecoming week began on Monday, Sept. 28. Leading up to this day, there were home night games to come out and watch to show school spirit.
  On Tuesday, the boys varsity soccer team played a night game at home against Lower Moreland and won 3-1. On Thursday, the girls JV volleyball team plays at 5:30 pm and varsity plays directly after at 6:30 p.m. Although originally scheduled for Friday, the homecoming football game against Bristol High School was rescheduled to Monday, Oct. 5. The football team the team handily defeated Bristol 25-8 to add to their winning record, now at 6-0 as we go to press. The Homecoming Dance was on Saturday night from 7-10 p.m. Students came to support NH-S teams and show school pride!
  To complement the evening sporting events and infuse school spirit, each school day had a dress up theme based on a candy brand. Monday was LifeSaver day with students wearing beach attire. Students paired up as twins on  Tuesday for Twix day. Wednesday was Jolly Rancher day with students dressed as cowboys and cowgirls. Thursday was Nerds day. To end Homecoming week, everyone dressed in head-to-toe school colors.
  Fall festival as been rescheduled to Oct. 24.

Donald Trump’s candidacy raises questions

Catherine Donahue
Staff Writer

When looking back at Donald Trump’s political history, an apparent favoritism towards the Democratic Party becomes evident. However, he is running for president as a Republican.
  Up until the recent elections, Trump favored the Democratic Party almost entirely, even stating to Wolf Blitzer that the economy always does better under Democrats.  His contributions include over $125,000 to the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee of New York, as well as tens of thousands of dollars to politicians such as Hillary Clinton and Senators Chuck Schumer, Ted Kennedy and John Kerry, many of whom were listed on a “Republican enemies” list by the Washington Post in 2011. Trump donated money to a few Republican candidates and politicians, but these donations were nominal.
  In a March 1990 interview, Trump stated he had no intentions of ever running for president at all.
  “I don’t want to be President,” Trump said. “I’m one hundred percent sure. I’d change my mind only if I saw this country continue to go down the tubes.”
  Later on in the same interview, Trump said that if he ever ran for any office position he would run as a Democrat, stating that the “working man would elect me. He likes me. When I walk down the street, those cabbies start yelling out their windows.”
  Trump said that George W. Bush was “probably the worst president in the history of the United States,” and that Bill Clinton was one of our most successful presidents in history. Trump has even said that the GOP is not a successful party.
  Although he is running as a Republican and expresses conservative ideals, it is clear Donald Trump does not fully stand with the Republican Party. People criticize Trump for his extreme ideals, but it is unclear if he really believes in them when considering his liberal actions and contributions in the past. Many people question whether Donald Trump’s run for president is even serious, since he is running with a party he previously stated he did not even support.

Facebook adds reaction emojis to its "like" button

Jacob McCloskey
Staff Writer

We’ve been waiting for this for years, and finally, Facebook’s “like” button is getting a major emotional update.
  While veteran users have been waiting for it since the site’s inception, but many high schoolers may view it as an update coming five years too late.
  At a meeting on Sept. 15, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the company would be rolling out a beta version of a new “dislike” button. While many people had no problem with the announcement, much confusion surrounded its true purpose.
  Some believed that a dislike button could lead to cyberbullying: “There is already enough hate on the internet, and adding a dislike button will only make it worse,” said Atiq Haneef, a website user of the New York Times.
  Some users didn’t know the feature wasn’t already available: “Wasn’t there already a dislike button?” said Students Claire Dougherty and Mackenzie Carpenter.
  Facebook users tend to post about life events, positive or negative. If someone reveals negative news over Facebook, “liking” the post would often be deemed inappropriate.
  On Oct. 8,  Facebook debuted the reactions button, a series of emojis added to the traditional “like” button, expressing several different common reactions to content: angry, sad, wow, yay, haha, love. It is reasonable to assume the reactions exist as a way to convey more information to Facebook and its advertisers.

New Human Ancestors found in Rising Star

Charlotte Haigh and Victoria Siano
News Editors

A team of scientists announced their discovery of previously unknown ancestors to the human lineage in a cave in South Africa known as “Rising Star” on Sept. 10, 2015.
  Two years ago, local cavers Nick Hunter and Steven Tucker were exploring the “Rising Star” and found a narrow entrance. Upon entering it, they found skeletons strikingly similar to those of a human.   
  The two cavers contacted Dr. Lee R. Berger, an American paleoanthropologist. Dr. Berger, a professor at the University of Witwatersrand, was studying human evolution, arguing the theory that a species of humans existed between the million year gap between Australopithecus afarensis and the Homo erectus species in our evolution. He argued that this type of data would be found in South Africa. This idea proved unpopular among many other scientists, until the pictures from the Rising Star cave were discovered, showing a variety of undiscovered fossils. 
  In order to search the cave for more skeletons, Berger would need individuals that not only had scientific credentials and experience in caving, but were skinny enough to travel through the narrow cave.
  He made such an announcement on Facebook and within a week had six qualified explorers willing to do the job. Berger also hired a team of sixty scientists to analyze the evidence found by the explorers above ground. With the assistance of local cavers, the scientists were able to thread two miles of power cables into the fossil chamber, where they were be able to view the explorers’ progress via cameras.
  What they found was a human body structure unlike anything they had seen before. The species had a small skull, with a brain about one-third the size of the human brain today. Their bodies were slender, weighing about 100 lbs., and standing at an average height of five feet. Their curved fingers suggest that they might have been good climbers, and their long legs and feet that are similar to a modern human’s show they were able to walk long distances standing upright.
  This species was named Homo Naledi. Berger believes there are possibly hundreds, maybe thousands of fossils still down in the caves. Scientists are still not sure where they existed in our lineage, but with more research, hopefully, will come more answers.

Fiorina and Rubio gain support after GOP debate

Nicholas Fest
Staff Writer

After the second GOP debate on September 16, 2015, for which 11 of the 14 candidates earned a spot on the stage for, two contenders emerged as leaders in the polls.
  One of the breakout stars of the debate was Carly Fiorina. She moved up the ranks to second place behind Donald Trump in the polls after the debate. Something that caught the attention of millions of people watching was Fiorina’s statement that, "[Planned Parenthood] is about the character of our nation and if we will not stand up and force President Obama to veto this bill, shame on us.” Fiorina is saying that we Americans have to take charge and let Obama know what we want him to know.
  Another debater who gained support was Marco Rubio. He proved that he can compete in this elite level. "You're right, I have missed some votes, Rubio said. “Because in my years in the Senate, I've figured out very quickly that the political establishment in Washington, D.C. in both political parties is completely out of touch with the lives of our people.”
  "That's why I'm missing votes. Because I am leaving the Senate, I'm not running for re-election, and I'm running for president because I know this: unless we have the right president, we cannot make America fulfill its potential." Rubio says he can help America reach its full potential and make “the 21st century the greatest era that our nation has ever known.”
  Both candidates have seen their poll numbers go up after the  second debate.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Life in Syria is Harder Than Ever

Lexi Anderson

As refugees from Syria continue to evacuate to Europe, life in Syria continues to deteriorate.
While attention has been brought to the escaping refugees, the death toll in Douma and other Syrian cities are rising. The conflict between the insurgent groups and the Syrian government has been ongoing since 2011, and a corrupted government was present long before then.
The Assad family has been running a totalitarian regime in Syria since 1970. After Hafez al-Assad’s death, Bashar al-Assad was expected to do reforms, but he instead ordered crackdowns on the Arab Spring protestors, causing the Syrian Civil War.
This ongoing war has caused 4 out of 5 of all residents in Douma to flee, whereas once it contained around 1.5 million people. The extreme population decrease has not been helped by the Syrian government, which lately has been more violent than ever. Over 550 civilians have died in the past month, many of them being women and children.
“Neighborhoods fell on the heads of residents, the screaming can still be heard,” Douma resident Imad al-Din said of the devastation in Syria. Medics have made makeshift hospitals in basements but the equipment isn’t sterile and supplies are limited. The chaos has caused city residents to take to trapping themselves in their own homes hoping that they won’t get killed as airstrikes and artillery shells rain down on them.    
More than ever people are fleeing the country, but it isn’t that easy. It is expensive to take the boats to Europe, many people are simply stuck in Syria with nowhere to go. Even the small minority of people in support of the Syrian government, the Alawites, don’t have a future.
Options are extremely limited to those living in Syria. They can trek on towards Europe, a feat that isn’t possible for some, or they can turn back towards a war raging in Syria where hundreds are dying each month. Countries such as Lebanon, Turkey, and Jordan have become less hospitable. Refugees are harassed, beaten, and tear gassed. Syrians are desperate for a solution, otherwise the population may be wiped out as whole. Thousands are escaping Syria but the conditions for those left behind are impossibly catastrophic.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Homecoming Week Itinerary

Jessica Zimmerman, Toni Suler, and Paige Giuliani
Staff Writers

Monday, September 28th (Theme: Life Savers - Life Guards)

Tuesday, September 29th (Theme: Twix - Twins)
3:45 pm Girls Varsity Soccer Game vs. Phil-Mont Christian
7:00 pm Boys Varsity Soccer Game vs. Lower Moreland

Wednesday, September 30th (Theme: Jolly Ranchers - Cowboys)
3:45 pm Girls Varsity Tennis vs. Springfield

Thursday, October 1st (Theme: Nerds)
3:45 pm Girls Varsity Tennis vs. Lower Moreland
6:30 pm Girls Varsity Volleyball Game vs. Souderton
7:00 pm Boys Varsity Soccer Game vs. Christopher Dock

Friday, October 2nd (Theme: Butterfingers/Spirit Day - Team Uniforms/Blue+Gold Attire)
10:50 - 11:45 am Picnic by National Honor Society
4:00 pm Boys Varsity Soccer Game vs. Palisades High School
4:45 pm Girls Varsity Volleyball Game vs. Abington
7:00 pm Boys Football Game vs. Bristol

Saturday, October 3rd
1:00 - 4:00 pm Volleyball Tournament and Fall Festival
7:00 - 10:00 pm Homecoming Dance

*Picnic by National Honor Society
The picnic sponsored by National Honor Society will allow students to participate in various games such as Can Jam and Win, Lose, Draw. Students can win prizes such as t-shirts and sunglasses. Also, a stand will be set up for chilled apple cider and donuts.

*Fall Festival
The fall festival occurs right after the Volleyball tournament on the day of Homecoming. Clubs will set up stations where students can play games, win prizes, and buy goodies. All proceeds go to the individual clubs and help pay for the many events each club holds.

Friday, February 27, 2015

PSIC-supported handball tournament draws many competitors and supporters

Chloe Verwiel
Staff Writer

February 6 was a night filled with excitement at New Hope-Solebury High School. With approximately 80 students in attendance, Positive Student Interaction Club (PSIC) club held a handball tournament.  “The aim of the club is to provide positive and fun activities for all members of the school’” stated sophomore Hannah Rescek. PSIC did exactly this. The night was filled with fun but competitive games to see who would win the Chipotle gift cards. It was set up in a tournament style with double elimination.
  Jess Zimmerman, Kelly Hyland, Claire Dougherty, Victoria Kalinovich, Hannah Rescek, Mr. Achenbach, and Mrs. Park did an amazing job at organizing the event and getting such a high participation number. Mr. and Mrs. Cosner, Mr. G, Mr. O’Hara, and Mrs. Roberts were kind enough to help during the event in order to make sure everything went smoothly. Teams were lucky enough to participate and get customized t-shirts for free. The event was paid for by a grant given to PSIC by NHS Cares. This money was able to pay for the shirts and gift cards. Snacks, such as pretzels and candy, were generously donated by members of PSIC.  
  The competition was intense as many teams were close to being crowned the winners. In the end, “We Want Chipotle” became the champions and received the Chipotle gift cards. However, all eleven teams showed tremendous effort, and most importantly, had an amazing time.

Kill switch added to iPhone 6

Claudia Kolinchak and Victoria Siano
Staff Writer

Mobile device theft has become a big business. This is where phones or tablets are stolen for the personal information contained on the device.
  In the past, phones had the option to clear information if they were stolen, but not enough people used this resource.
  A new solution that has recently debuted is called a kill switch. Towards the beginning of this year, it was announced that it will be mandatory for all phones to come with this. It is an anti-theft feature that will be required on tablets and smartphones. Instead of having customers choose if they want the program, it will be automatically enabled when the phone is in service.
  When a phone that has the kill switch is lost or stolen, the owner is able to manually lock the phone to prevent anyone from seeing his or her information. This will render the device useless until the identity of the owner is validated.
  Some kill switches may permit wiping of all contacts and personal data. For example, all Apple devices can be remotely wiped by the registered user on iCloud. All one has to do is go to iCloud.com, sign in, locate the device and click “Erase iPhone.”
  Kill switches  minimize the chances of identity theft. iPhones have the option to have your phone automatically reset if the passcode is guessed incorrectly 10 times. The problem with this feature is that users might forget passwords and would lose access to their phones.
  Many of the major companies, such as Google, Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, HTC, Motorola, AT&T, Nokia, Verizon, T-mobile, and Sprint, have signed this pledge and now must have all phones manufactured for sale in the Unites States come with this technology.

Terror jolts France; nation unifies under dire threat

Nick Damarodis

The headquarters of Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris were attacked by radical Islamists on January 7. Retaliating for the magazine’s controversial depictions of the prophet Muhammad, the two gunmen murdered 12 people who were working that day, including a Muslim police officer, Ahmed Merabet, who attempted to stop the men.
  The rampage continued as the men decided to take over a warehouse on Jan. 9 in the small town of Dammartin-en-goele, located a few minutes away from Charles De Gaulle Airport. The hostage situation was reported around 10 a.m. Paris time, with the whole town placed on lockdown by police and military forces shortly after. While this standoff was taking place, another man abruptly entered a kosher grocery store, Hyper Cache, in Eastern Paris shortly after 1 p.m. Both were hostage situations, with the Hebdo gunmen holding one hostage and the Hyper Cache standoff involving several shoppers, most of whom were women and children.
  The world was watching as the two tense, live standoffs took place in the city. A display of security was produced unlike ever before seen in modern France, with over 80,000 soldiers, police officers, and special forces taking part in operations in both areas. At the second standoff, the situation was more delicate, considering the higher number of hostages and dense area that the market was in. The main highway of Paris, similar to Washington D.C.’s beltway, was shut down for the better part of the day to prevent greater movement in and around the metropolitan area.
  In Dammartin-en-goele, schools were on lockdown and had to be evacuated before any type of force was used against the terrorists. While the children were in school, reporters noted that some of the children at the school closest to the warehouse were brave enough to open up windows and chant “Je suis Charlie!,” the motto of the free expression movement that has come out of the attacks, to everyone standing outside. Parents were eventually allowed to pick their children up and move them to safer ground. Due to the small size of the town, police and military officials were able to isolate the area quickly.
  After several hours of attempted negotiation with the two Hebdo terrorists, gunshots were heard outside of the warehouse they had taken over just before 6 p.m. Paris Time. At that point, the military decided to fire back and kill the gunmen in a swift manner.
  It was a short time before the military made the decision to strike Hyper Cache, where one gunman was still holding hostages. A quick gunbattle occurred, with the gunmen dying in the midst of rapid fire as special forces drove their way into the establishment.Unfortunately, the battle would result in a mix of both living hostages who were saved as well as some casualties. Five people lost their lives in the Kosher market attack. On the day of the hostage attacks, AQAP (Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula) took responsibility for the attacks.
  The attacks that brought shock and fear to France also delivered a wave of support from people around the globe. #Jesuischarlie has become one of the most used hashtags ever, and many have even gone out onto the streets in their own cities to march in support of the French and freedom of the press.
  Paris was the center of these peaceful marches on Jan. 11, as 1.5 million people went on the streets to show their support, an unprecedented number for a march in Paris.
   Many prominent world leaders were in attendance, with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu locking arms with French President Francois Hollande and numerous other foreign dignitaries. Hollande and Netanyahu went to the Grande Synagogue in Paris after the march, where the Israeli PM announced “Our common enemy is radical, extremist Islam - not normal Islam,” and also told all Jews in France that they have a homeland in Israel if they feel it is necessary to leave. One notable exception was the United States, with neither President Obama nor Vice President Biden in attendance. Attorney General Eric Holder was in Paris, but he was not at the rally. He took part in security meetings in the days afterward.
  Although the outpouring of support to the victims of these attacks has been beneficial to promoting a peaceful and unified front, many are still wondering what will happen next. Some want stricter controls on who can come in and out of France, while others are suggesting doing more to assist French Muslims in assimilating within their nation. Each of the attackers was born in France and evolved into radical islamists while in France.
  There is still a manhunt to track down the wife of the attacker of the Kosher market. According to recent intelligence gathering, she left the country on Jan. 4 from Spain and headed for Turkey to eventually make her way into Syria.
Charlie Hebdo magazine has released its latest issue, described as a survivors’ issue, throughout France and nearly 20 other countries. With translations in five languages, there is a great expectation for high sales from this issue. Newsstands around Paris were jammed on Jan. 14, the first day that the issue came out. The highly sought after magazine apparently sold out within minutes. Millions of copies have been produced, and more could be produced to ensure that everyone who wants a copy is able to find one, although it is expected to be extremely difficult to buy a copy in America. Only 300 of the magazines are estimated to arrive in the U.S., but a total of over five million have been sold worldwide.

Spirit Week Schedule Released

Hannah Mui
Staff Writer

After last year’s “Ramen controversy” there will be new changes to the rules of the can war point system. Students from opposing teams argued over whether ramen noodles can count as cans. This year, student government decided to award points for every pound of food donated. Every day during spirit week, Mr. Gonsiewski and student government officers will be weighing each team’s food donations. The food collected will be donated to Operation Helping Hands that will distribute the food across Bucks County.
  Another change of spirit week is to the coin wars. Instead of awarding the winning team with 50 points, now one point will be awarded for every dollar donated in coins. Unfortunately, only coins will count for points, so no dollar bills will be accepted.
  The theme of spirit week, announced during an assembly on Feb. 19, will be “Breakfast of Champions,” where each grade level is assigned a type of cereal as their theme. The seniors will be Lucky Charms, the Juniors will be Fruit Loops, the Sophomores will be Cap’n Crunch, and lastly, the freshman will be Frosted Flakes.
 There are many exciting activities planned for the week for students to enjoy. Monday’s theme is Fruit Loops, and students will earn points for dressing in tropical attire. That night, the Pig Roast Luau will be held in the Middle School Cafeteria from 6:30-8 pm. Following that will be a Honey Nut Cheerios theme on Tuesday, and students can dress up in black and gold to look like bees. Activities will be held in the gyms and theater from 7-9 pm that night. On Wacky Wednesday, students can wear crazy gear to school, nad the theme is Trix. There will be a hypnotist assembly during the day, and an Open Mic Night in the theater from 7-9 pm. Thursday’s theme is Wheaties, and points can be earned for wearing sports attire. The Gong Show will be the school-day assembly, and the dodge ball tournament will be held from 6:30-9 pm in the High School gym. Lastly, Friday’s theme will be Cap’n Crunch, and students should wear blue or gold according to what team they are on. During 7th and 8th period will be the competetive games where the winner will be announced, and from 7-10 pm is the I <3 Techno dance in the middle school gym.  

Friday, January 30, 2015

Midterms Mark a Halfway Point

Chloe Verwiel
Staff Writer

As the weather outside gets cold and students return from their brief three day weekend, it is one of the most dreaded times of the year. The two weeks after break were spent hard at work. Teachers tried to get a last unit in and start the review for midterms. Students stressed about January 21 through January 23 as it was three days full of testing. These were not normal tests; they are midterms for full year courses and finals for semester courses.
  The weekend before the exams was a three day weekend. Don’t let that fool you, because most students were hard at work preparing. Midterms include everything learned so far that year, so there was a lot of content to study. The three days started with math and social studies on Wednesday. Thursday was English and science. Finally, to finish off the week, foreign languages and conflicts were Friday.
 Some students were lucky as they did not have midterms during every slot. These kids were fortunate enough to be allowed to either come in late or leave early.
 Overall, it was a stressful, but successful midterm period. As the exam period finished, it marked the end of the first semester of the 2014-2015 school year. “Midterms were a nerve wracking time, but now I am really looking forward to the second semester as I finish out my senior year,” remarked Senior Chanel D’Angelo. Now, we are over halfway through the year with no major exams till May and June.

AirAsia Flight Disappears

Katie Hunt & Bernadette del Prado
Staff Writers

AirAsia Berhad is a Malaysian low-cost airline headquartered near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They operate scheduled domestic and international flights to 100 destinations spanning 22 countries. The company has always been known for having very low-cost airline tickets, but now they seem to be only known for disappearing into the sea.
On December 27, 2014 AirAsia flight QZ8501 disappeared over the Java Sea flying from Surabaya-Juanda Airport (Indonesia) to Changi International Airport (Singapore). One hundred and fifty five passengers and seven flight crew members lost their lives from this tragic event. The plane path was experiencing poor weather condition, which caused the pilot to request the air traffic control pilot to fly 6,000ft higher. Three minutes after the request, the plane lost contact with the air traffic control.
Nearly 50 out of 162 bodies have been found but most are believed to still be lost inside the fuselage, or the main body of the airplane. However, the tail being found on January 12th has revealed the ‘black box’ that can tell families and loved ones exactly what happen on that flight to Singapore. The black box is only one of two parts to complete this puzzle of the AirAsia plane crash. It is in prime condition and has no damage to it at all. Researchers believe they will be able to retrieve the information in 1-2 days then translate it in a day.  
The remains of the plane are believed to be in the Java Sea and divers will search endlessly until they “return each family member on that plane to their rightful home.”

Prom 2015 Fundraising Picks Up with the New Year

Anna Sirianni
Staff Writer

New Hope-Solebury’s Junior and Senior Prom is set for the evening of Friday, May 29, at The Lake House Inn. Originally built in the 1700’s and standing beside the beautiful Lake Nockamixon, the venue has won architectural awards while becoming one of the premiere wedding destinations in Bucks County.
 In order to enjoy a night in the “Enchanted Garden”, this year’s prom theme, the junior class student government is vigorously planning fundraising events to keep ticket prices low and attendees satisfied.
 After Homecoming Weekend’s Volleyball tournament at the Fall Festival, last year’s weekly donut fundraisers, and hot chocolate sales at Haunted Woods 2014, the junior class has aligned with its benchmark fundraising goals, but still has work to do.
 The Class of 2016 operates the concession stand at every girls’ basketball game and has been selling coffee, hot dogs, and other snacks at home games.
 Along with junior class advisors Ms. Ryan and Mr. Bachart, the officers are working towards a student-organized benefit concert in the early spring, with performances by talented classmates.
 A dodgeball tournament will take place during Spirit Week 2015, as well as a Chipotle Night and potentially a Wing Fling around April.
 The first way to help out with prom fundraising is by partaking in the Valentine’s Day singing telegram service, during the week of February 16. During this, a student can hire a small student group to perform a song during homeroom for a teacher, friend, or significant other.
 With the springtime approaching, the junior class is working to secure funds for a successful prom. Students can help in this effort by participating in events and volunteering their time. Prom is a landmark event in many students’ high school careers, as it alludes to warmer weather and summer fun. A night in the “Enchanted Garden” will be one to remember for the student body, as seniors plunge into their future endeavors and juniors prepare for their last year at New Hope-Solebury.
 Contact a junior class officer, Ms. Ryan, Mr. Bachart, or @NHSHS2016 on Twitter for more information regarding upcoming fundraising events.