Tuesday, November 14, 2017

26 dead in Texas shooting

Victoria Siano

On Nov. 5, 2017, a gunman with a military style rifle opened fired in the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, killing 26 people. The gunman, who was later identified as 26-year-old Devin Patrick Kelley, died shortly after the attack.
 The shooting is considered to be the deadliest mass shooting the state has ever seen. The victims ranged in age from 5 to 72, and among the dead were a pregnant woman, several children, and the pastor’s 14-year-old daughter. Twenty others were wounded.
 According to reports, Kelley had first stopped at a gas station across Highway 87 from the church. He then proceeded to drive across the street, get out of his car, and begin firing from the outside of the church, moving to the right. He then made his way into the building, shooting the parishioners before fleeing the scene.
 Once he had emerged from the church he had a shooting exchange with a neighbor whom was able to hit Mr. Kelley, who fled in his vehicle shortly after. The neighbor followed him in his pursuit into the next county - Guadalupe County - where Kelley had managed to crash his car. He was found dead, but how he died still remains unclear, officials report.
 After hearing about the affair, President Trump, who was on his 10-day tour of Asia, had called the shooting a “mental health problem at the highest level,” while adding that Kelley was a “very deranged individual.” Subsequently, he ordered that the flags be flown half-staff at the White House and  all federal buildings through Nov. 9.

 As of right now a motive for the shooting has not been discovered, although the FBI is attempting to hack into his phone to see if it can gather any useful information. It is important to note, however, that he was dishonorably discharged from the military due to assault charges, according to Air Force records, and had repeatedly beat his wife and toddler stepson - fracturing the baby’s skull. The only reason he was able to obtain a gun was that the military had failed to enter this information into their databases.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Allegations Made Against Harvey Weinstein upend Hollywood

Riley Brennan
Co-Editor In Chief

Recent allegations made against Hollywood film producer, Harvey Weinstein, have shaken the media, and hopefully spurred real change within the film industry.
 Many women have come forward with claims that Weinstein had sexually assaulted/harassed them, the total number reaching over 50 women. Weinstein responded to allegations following the publication of an Op-Ed piece by Lupita Nyong’o, published in the New York Times. The allegation was addressed through a representative of Weinstein’s, saying, “Mr. Weinstein has a different recollection of the events, but believes Lupita is a brilliant actress and a major force for the industry. Last year, she sent a personal invitation to Mr. Weinstein to see her in her Broadway show Eclipsed.”
 Following the release of further accusations, Weinstein has since made a statement apologizing for his behavior. In his statement he wrote, “I appreciate the way I’ve behaved with colleagues in the past has caused a lot of pain, and I sincerely apologize for it.”  
 While the sheer number of women accusing Weinstein is alarming, it has spurred a movement, and encouraged other victims to speak out about their own perpetrators. Many of these women stepping forward have inspired the hashtag #MeToo, where both men and women come forward about their own stories and show support for others. Now more than ever, victims have been given a platform to highlight just how prevalent sexual assault and harassment is, as well as how damaging it can be.
 A common trend in many of Weinstein’s accusers stories is the fact that they chose to wait years to finally expose the perpetrator. Actress Katherine Kendall is one of Weinstein’s victims, who waited years to speak on her personal encounter. She addressed her own feelings toward her experience in a statement, saying, “I think that when people perpetrate against you, you are the one that feels the shame,” she said. “You think that it’s just you.”

 Weinstein is not alone in his status of a powerful man in Hollywood accused of sexual assault. There’s an increasing number of people coming forward with tales of abuse at the hand of other prominent figures. The range of other men accused stretch across a variety of professions, proving that this is not solely an issue in Hollywood. Rather, it’s an issue virtually everywhere.

Friday, October 13, 2017

The Fake Americans Russia created

Pete Thompson
Staff Writer

As the investigation into the Kremlin’s ties with Trump continues, Facebook has revealed more information about Russia’s creation and use of fake Americans on the social media site. Facebook revealed the Kremlin worked directly with a Russian digital marketer to create fake Facebook accounts to use the platform to promote their agenda. The digital  marketing firm, while it’s unknown whether or not they were directly state sanctioned, were the direct creators of the accounts, which spread news from DCLeaks.com, a firm US Intelligence services recognized in 2016 as being part of an effort Russian intelligence to disseminate disinformation.
 The majority of cases in which the ad firm created fake personas were superficial at best, one example outlines their ideal American.
 “Melvin Redick of Harrisburg PA a friendly looking American with a backwards baseball cap and a daughter posted on Facebook a link to a brand new website,” as reported in the New York Times, NBC, and CNN.
 “These guys show the hidden truth about George Soros, Hillary Clinton and other leaders of the US “ he wrote on June 8, 2016. “Visit #DNCLeaks website. It’s really interesting!”
 However Russia’s operation turned out to be more complex than just creating fake Americans. According to Facebook, the marketing firm purchased over $100,000in political ads, which were then seen over 340 million times. The ad space purchased seldomly targeted presidential candidates; instead, they used the ad space to discuss topics in the US, such as expressing anti-immigrant sentiments and criticizing gun control and organize rallies in support of those issues.

 Facebook has since deleted pages and accounts suspected of having ties to the Russian company and the Kremlin. Pages, like the Mr. Redick of PA, and over 400 similar pages have been deleted and Facebook staff are working to continue the purge of fake accounts while they handover more information about the campaign to investigators.

The ruinous effects of Hurricane Irma

Matthew Bracco & Charles Bray
Staff Writers

As millions faced threatening forecasts, Hurricane Irma was on a path of destruction into southern Florida, creating an evacuee count of nearly 6.6 million people. After wreaking havoc in Barbuda, leaving sixty percent of the population homeless, Irma posed an extreme threat to anyone in its path. After an effortless tearing through Barbuda, leaving the island “barely habitable,” the Category 5 hurricane was on a one way path through the Keys to South Florida.
 Residents scurried away from their homes, leaving anything and everything behind, hoping for the best possible scenario. Citizens were preparing for the most powerful Atlantic Hurricane in history, creating winds up to 185 miles per hour. On Sept. 10, Irma was upgraded from a previous Category 3 downgrade, back to a Category 4. Following that day, southern Florida was put in life threatening conditions, even though they weren’t in the eye of the storm. Finally, on Sept. 11, the storm downgraded to a category one as it headed for Tampa.

 However, the damage that Hurricane Irma placed upon the islands leading to Florida, and on Florida, is catastrophic. For the Caribbean Islands, hope is slim, as their houses and lives were torn apart, making living conditions uninhabitable. As the week of terror ended, people return to their homes, some lucky, but for most, sadly, not so much. It will take months, even years for some to rebuild from the complete destruction of their homes, towns, and cities, but there is always the hope that the citizens of the locations affected, do not have to repeat this agony.

The Dangers of Trump Labelling Kim Jong Un a Rocket Man

Sydney Luff
Staff Writer

Name calling has come to play a key role in American and North Korean politics; however ridiculous these insults seem, their relevance only adds to the possible war that is rapidly approaching. Twitter is currently being used as the outlet of choice for passive aggressive insults and blatant name calling between major political figures. Specifically, words like “dotard” and “rocket man” have been used by both President Donald Trump and North Korean dictator, Kim Jong Un to describe each other.
 Usually verbal slights are thought to be below the many sophisticated men and women who are involved with the government today. However, recently on Twitter the current war of words between Pres. Trump and Kim Jong Un that many characterize as childish, could possibly lead to war.
 “Just heard Foreign Minister of North Korea speak at U.N. If he echoes thoughts of Little Rocket Man, they won’t be around much longer!”
 This is an example of Trump’s purposeful stabs at the North Korean dictator on Twitter, documented on Saturday, Sept. 23, 2017. Not only has Trump uploaded this comment to his social media account, but he has also added that Kim is on a suicide mission.
 Retaliation was not far behind when Kim described Trump as a, “mentally deranged U.S. dotard whom he would tame with fire”.  
 It is evident Kim has no patience for the president and is only getting angrier.
 The two countries aren’t the only ones who are experiencing the tension, China appears to be feeling it too. “China on Monday called for all sides in the North Korean missile crisis to show restraint and not add oil to the flames amid an exchange of increasingly bellicose rhetoric between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.”. China openly states that neither leader should be focused on insulting each other, but should be dealing with issues in a more mature manner. For example, the extremely controversial missiles that are being launched by North Korea, more precisely those that have flown over Japan. Nuclear weapons are known for being disastrous for the climate; therefore, the U.S. and the soviets signed a treaty limiting their testing back when John F. Kennedy was president, over 50 years ago. This is not the same however, for Kim who continuously tests  rockets and plans to do an atmospheric test of a hydrogen bomb. His ultimate goal is to threaten the mainland of the US. His YouTube fantasy videos feature North Korean armaments obliterating Washington D.C.

 As of now North Korea is unable to launch a missile far enough to reach the U.S mainland, but sources say this is estimated to happen in about 18 months. This does not prohibit North Korea from bombing the U.S allies for example South Korea and Japan. Hopefully, next time political matters will be discussed in a more official manner rather than on social media. If this war does break out, be sure that it will be extremely unpleasant.

Trump Administration Proposes a New Travel Ban

Victoria Siano


One Sunday, Sept. 24, it was announced that the Trump administration will be enacting a new travel ban that will permanently ban about all travel to the United States for seven specific countries, believing it to be the best way to safeguard against national security threats posed by letting citizens from these countries in.
 Starting this month, on Oct. 18, a majority of citizens from Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Chad, and North Korea will be banned from entering the United States until they meet the minimum standards for identifying and screening potential travelers and sharing the information with US law enforcement officials. It has been described as being significantly more targeted than its predecessor, as it essentially outlines a specific set of travel restrictions for each country, although in most cases this means that people from those countries will not be permitted to permanently emigrate, study, or go on vacation in the United States.
 The new order will not apply to permanent residents of the United States who currently hold visas or are international students or employees of businesses in the US from targeted countries, however, it does not cover people seeking refuge here. Rather, the issue will be covered in a new set of separate rules that the Trump administration will release in the days to come.
 This ban functions as a continuation of President Trump’s plan to fulfill his campaign promise of addressing terrorist threats by tightening entry into the country though more specific and flexible means than before, making it more likely than his original travel ban (which set off challenges to his legal authority) to stand up to legal scrutiny. However, it has still been met with significant opposition, as critics have complained that the ban still pertains to mainly Muslim countries.
 In response to these accusations, President Trump released a statement: “We cannot afford to continue the failed policies of the past, which present an unacceptable danger to our country. My highest obligation is to ensure the safety and security of the American people, and in issuing this new travel order, I am fulfilling that sacred obligation.”

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Relieving Hurricane Harvey

By Colin Morton
Staff Writer

 Hurricane Harvey was the first of the seemingly never ending marathon of hurricanes in 2017.  This one made landfall in Texas. It rampaged for 10 days straight and destroyed many homes.  Organizations from all over the world are working together to help Texas recover.
 There are no limits to who can help.  For example, country singer Clint Black was interviewed by Rolling Stone, and he said, “We braced ourselves through the night as the flood waters grew closer to our family's doorsteps in Houston and Katy.”  
 He was affected by the natural disaster, and he feels everybody else affected felt the same way as he did.  This caused him, along with Don Henley and Lyle Lovett to perform a concert to raise funds for the “revival” of Texas.  Also, whole businesses are getting in on donating to help Texas. The Center for Disaster Philanthropy states that they are “investing well rather than investing quickly, addressing the greatest needs and gaps in funding that may be yet to emerge.”  They are really digging deep and finding the hidden issues that are lacking funding, then they assist them.  
 As of Sept. 3, CNN Money reported a total of $157 million had been donated toward Hurricane Harvey relief. Walmart, Verizon, and Dell have been  the main contributors.  Walmart donated a total of $20 million.  Verizon donated $10 million.  Michael Dell (founder of the Dell computer company) donated $36 million.  Other companies contributed smaller amounts, but they are still over $1 million donations.
The money is mostly going toward services for the victims.  It is going toward rebuilding houses and other buildings, and cleaning up debris.  Many victims are angry because none of the money is being directly donated to them.
 Hopefully, Texas will recover in the near future.

Hurricane Irma

Vanessa Northup & Charlotte Taylor
Staff Writers

From Aug. 30 to Sept. 15, after Hurricane Harvey hit just days before, the Caribbean Sea and states in the southeast were brutally hit once again. A category 5 hurricane known as Hurricane Irma came from the lower southeast from the Caribbean all the way up through Florida, Georgia, and finally tapered off around Tennessee.

The storm has contributed to the deaths of at least 73 people, though thousands of other people have been affected as well by power outages, property damage, and crop loss. The head of Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA), Brock Long, stated on Weather.com that “25 percent of the homes in the Florida Keys alone have been destroyed. Another 65 percent suffered major damage.” Irma attacked the islands of Barbuda, St. Barth, and St. Martin, where local officials told NBC about 95 percent of the island was completely demolished now.
With the Hurricane now gone, thousands of people are left to pick up the pieces. Schools are slowly starting to go back in session, and power is slowly coming back on, but a lot of work needs to be done. Several charity organizations have been put in place to help families and cities with the damages, as explained on businessinsider.com, such as Volunteer Florida, Habitat for Humanity of Jacksonville, Boca Helping Hands Antigua and Barbuda Red Cross, Fondos Unidos de Puerto Rico, and Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands. Many of these organizations accept donations as well.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Apple Falsely Advertised Glass Back On New iPhones

Georgia Pappas
Staff Writer

The long awaited iPhone 8 and 8 plus were released on Sept 22 and while they are a big improvement over the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, the newly-introduced glass backs are more fragile than advertised, and were found to be easily broken by a drop test, letting down a large majority of consumers.
 At the press conference for Apple’s new and improved products, like the Apple TV and the Apple Watch Series 3, the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X were announced to release on Sept. 22 and Nov. 3 respectively. As presented at the meeting, the iPhone 8 and 8 plus have advanced new glass backs that are supposedly "the most durable glass ever in a smartphone," but this has been proven incorrect.
 Apple stated that the advanced phone has a copper infused layer in the glass back, creating the hyped-up advertising; however, it is not the best idea to use this phone without a case. A YouTube user PhoneBuff has the ability to use a drop test machine and experimented with the iPhone 8 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The Note 8 also has a glass back that was released before the iPhone 8, which is why it was compared to the iPhone. At the end of the test, both phones did not hold up very well at all. The iPhone and the Note 8 were about equally damaged, supporting the idea that the iPhone’s back is not the sturdiest of all time. The apparent strong glass back could not even survive a short drop without shattering.
 It was actually found in a promotional drop test video that the less popular Moto Z2 Force uses the most durable glass in its structure. After over 100 Chicago employees for Motorola each dropped individual phones face down, not a single one cracked. Dozens of these tests have been executed and all came out with the same results.
 Apple has not provided the media with sales number for a few years; however, according to analyzed data, the iPhone 8 and 8 plus have been the slowest selling iPhones since the iPhone 5 in 2013. Although it may not be only because of the falsely advertised glass back, it could be a factor. Many customers are awaiting the release of the iPhone X over the iPhone 8 and 8 plus, due to the more major improvements in the iPhone X, which could be another factor towards the low sales numbers.

Even though Apple’s new iPhones ended up having disappointing durability in their glass backs compared to the build up in the advertising, these iPhones are still some of the most powerful smartphones ever created. With enhanced cameras, wireless charging, facial recognition and more, the glass back strength is a loss that can be taken while these new features have been released.

Gay Rights Icon Edith Windsor 1929-2017

Jen Abele
News Editor
  Gay rights icon Edith Windsor passed away on Sept. 12 in New York at age 88.
 After Windsor’s spouse Thea Clara Spyer passed away in 2009, Windsor obtained the estate, and sought out to obtain the federal estate tax exemptions that are available to surviving spouses. Windsor reclaiming $363,000 in estate taxes led to the Supreme Court case, United States vs. Windsor, which legalized Gay Marriage. Except under DOMA, same sex marriage was not considered marriage. The IRS would not accept the refund for over $300,000. Paving the way for the historic judgement in 2013.
 Edith remarried in 2016 to Judith Kasen-Windsor.
 “I lost my beloved spouse Edie, and the world lost a tiny but tough as nails fighter for freedom, justice and equality. Edie was the light of my life. She will always be the light for the LGBTQ community which she loved so much and which loved her right back." stated the grieving Kasen-Windsor to CNN.
 The world lost an icon in human rights and in the LGBTQ community. Gay marriage is now

attainable thanks to her courageous efforts to seek justice and  did not settle for less. No one will forget her fight to obtain her gay marriage, and themselves who fought the same battle.

Russians Bought Facebook Ads Linked to Black Lives Matter

Jen Abele

A Kremlin backed group, The Internet Research Agency, bought geographically targeted Facebook advertisements focused on Black Lives Matter in early 2015 or late 2016 to increase pandemonium in Ferguson, Missouri, and Baltimore reported CNN.
 "This is consistent with the overall goal of creating discord inside the body politic here in the United States, and really across the West," Steve Hall, the former CIA officer and CNN National Security Analyst, told CNN. "It shows that the level of sophistication of their targeting. They are able to sow discord in a very granular nature, target certain communities and link them up with certain issues."
 Due to the police brutality being so relevant in these geographics it was incredibly easy to inject themselves political discourse towards the Black Lives Matter Movement. The Internet Research Agency is described by the US Military “blogs and tweets on behalf of the Kremlin.”      
Facebook has previously provided the statement that “one quarter of the 3,000 Russian Ads are geographically targeted” through Facebook’s self-service ad models. The self-service allows the buyer to target their audience through specific interests, geographical locations, and demographic variety.

Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg, has turned over Russian bought ads to Congress. Facebook has shut down thousands of fake accounts, and continues to shut down more. Additionally,  Facebook has also gained one thousand more staff to global ad reviews. Also enhancing the automated ad review system to combat and prevent improper ads.

Hurricane Maria slams Puerto Rico with catastrophic damage

After Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, it turns out that the unusually active 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season has not finished unleashing its devastation yet. On the morning of Sept. 20, Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico as a Category 4 hurricane, demolishing the island with heavy rains and high winds.
 Many areas in the Caribbean were still recovering from the damages of Hurricane Irma when a tropical wave entered an area southeast of the Caribbean on Sept. 16. This area had conditions favorable for tropical system formation and strengthening, which allowed the tropical wave to organize and rapidly strengthen into a Category 5 hurricane over the next few days. Hurricane Maria then moved northwest and became the first Category 5 hurricane on record to strike the island of Dominica. Maria continued to move northwest, impacting other islands in the process, before making a direct landfall in southeastern Puerto Rico on the morning of Sept. 20. The hurricane had only weakened to a Category 4 hurricane by this time.
 Maria brought incredible wind and rain to Puerto Rico. Peak wind gusts of over 110 mph were recorded in many parts of the island, including San Juan. Feet of rainfall could be measured, peaking at 37.9 inches in Caguas. Storm surge and flash flooding also destroyed many coastal regions. Thousands of houses were either completely destroyed or sustained major damage, and large swarths of vegetation were shredded. At least 24 lives in Puerto Rico were lost from direct impact from the storm, and another 27 fatalities have been confirmed in Dominica, which suffered similar damage from the storm.
 Damages from Hurricane Irma a few weeks prior and aging infrastructure across the island made the Puerto Rico power grid vulnerable. Consequently, Hurricane Maria effectively destroyed the power grid, leaving over 95% of the island without electricity and without cell phone service. More than half of the island’s population couldn’t even access potable water after the hurricane since electricity is needed to access water.
 Hurricane Maria will have massive consequences for Puerto Rico’s future. Economic damage from the storm has been estimated to be as high as $50 billion, damages that will be difficult for the island’s government to handle. It is estimated that it could take four to six months before power is restored. In addition, the Guajataca Dam was damaged by the hurricane, and if it collapses the homes of nearly 70,000 people will be affected.
As reported in The Slate, Puerto Rico’s governor, Ricardo Rossellรณ, called Hurricane Maria “The biggest catastrophe in modern history for Puerto Rico in terms of the damage to infrastructure and in terms of damage to the island as a whole.”
 It will take years to recover from the disaster, but comprehensive aid from the United States Government is expected to come in the near future. However, some Americans believe that the Trump administration is not doing enough to help the recovery. San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz is one of these critics. Cruz fears that without more aid from the federal government, the current recovery progress will not be enough and people will die. Trump responded to Cruz’s criticism by claiming his administration has done a great job in aiding an almost impossible situation, while mentioning that Puerto Rico was already facing crippling debt before the storm.

No matter the amount of aid the federal government is currently giving to Puerto Rico, the situation remains dire. While aid has arrived, most notably through the Federal Emergency Management Agency shipping millions of gallons of water and meals to the island, these goods are unable to be delivered to the residents. Without electricity and fuel, aid simply cannot be moved across the island.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Devos continues her controversial trail

Jennifer Abele
News Editor

On Sept. 7, Education Secretary Betsy Devos stated in Arlington, Virginia, that she would revise the sexual assault policies in the 2011 Guidance Letter focused on college campus, and create changes to prevent the accused from being mistreated.
 Betsy Devos has not yet stated when the revised policies will be released or what changes were on the drawing board.
 “With the heavy hand of Washington tipping the balance of her scale, the sad reality is that Lady Justice is not blind on campuses today,” Secretary Devos stated in her address to George Mason University.
 Devos also attempted to show remorse for the victims of sexual assault, but left antisexual assault advocates  in an uproar. She described current misconduct hearings as “kangaroo courts” due to the fact that jury and judge are combined. Forcing the victim to be re-traumatized due to the accused repeatedly filing appeals.  “This Administration  wants to take us back to the days when colleges swept sexual assaults under the rug,” stated Former Secretary of Education under Obama, Arne Duncan to the New York Times. “Instead of building on important work to pursue justice, they are once again choosing politics over students, and students will pay the price.”
 The National Women’s Law Center told the New York Times that revising these regulations was a “blunt attack on survivors of sexual assault...and it sends a frightening message to all students: Your government does not have your back if your rights are violated.”
 Devos stated she will be opening a public comment period before a government agency issues the new guidelines for campus sexual assaults. Devos will be targeting revisions in the 2011 guidance letter drafted during the Obama Administration which created a stricter structure to set guidelines for college campuses sexual assault accusations.  

 Devos reached out to the victims after making the claim that the accused are also victims. “One rape is too many,” Devos spoke out. “One assault is too many. One aggressive act of harassment is one too many.”

Gay Rights Icon Edith Windsor 1929-2017

Jennifer Abele
News Editor

Gay rights icon Edith Windsor passed away on Sept. 12 in New York at age 88.
 After Windsor’s spouse Thea Clara Spyer passed away in 2009, Windsor obtained the estate, and sought out to obtain the federal estate tax exemptions that are available to surviving spouses. Windsor reclaiming $363,000 in estate taxes led to the Supreme Court case, United States vs. Windsor, which legalized Gay Marriage. Except under DOMA, same sex marriage was not considered marriage. The IRS would not accept the refund for over $300,000. Paving the way for the historic judgement in 2013.
 Edith remarried in 2016 to Judith Kasen-Windsor.
 “I lost my beloved spouse Edie, and the world lost a tiny but tough as nails fighter for freedom, justice and equality. Edie was the light of my life. She will always be the light for the LGBTQ community which she loved so much and which loved her right back." stated the grieving Kasen-Windsor to CNN.
 The world lost an icon in human rights and in the LGBTQ community. Gay marriage is now

attainable thanks to her courageous efforts to seek justice and  did not settle for less. No one will forget her fight to obtain her gay marriage, and themselves who fought the same battle.

Trump threatens to "totally destroy North Korea"; North Korea claims it can “Legally shoot down bombers”

Eric Locke
Staff Writer

The social media war between Trump and North Korea would escalate at some point but now the tensions have risen and North Korea says that Trumps latest tweets has enticed North Korea to say that they can legally shoot down U.S. Bombers
 According to the foreign minister Trump has issued a, “clear declaration of war.”
 In response to this a Pentagon spokesman said according to npr, "If North Korea does not stop their provocative actions, you know, we will make sure that we provide options to the president to deal with North Korea."
 Over the past weekend,  the U.S. sent out Warplanes into international airspace just east off North Korea. As East Asia sees it, the U.S. has not declared war on North Korea and is still seeking to denuclearize the Korean peninsula.
 This is not the first time North Korea has shot down U.S. bombers. In 1969 a Navy plane was shot by North Korean MiGs and all 31 passengers on board the plane died.
 Many believe that North Korea stands no chance against America because their missiles and planes are as old as the 1950s and they got them from the Soviet Union.
  Speaking at the United Nations, President Trump also said that he would be left with no choice but to “totally destroy North Korea.” If it’s forced to defend itself or its allies.

 Force is needed if North Korea takes action; however, the full denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula is necessary so nuclear threats are then avoided.

Uber Loses License in London

Ethan Apparies
Staff Writer

Uber was banned from operating in London England after the TFL (Transport of London)  said they were unfit to operate there. Unless something changes soon Uber will be banned from operating in London starting Oct. 21.
 Uber is a Technology company that connects their drivers to riders through their app. Although they may be the most convenient form of transportation the TFL is calling them unfit to operate in London. The TFL said during a public announcement reported in TechCrunch that Uber is,  “not fit and proper to hold a private hire operator licence.” In response to the possible loss of their license Uber started a petition in London, which in less than 24 hours reached over 500,000 signatures and now nears a million. Uber says people in London rely on Uber for, "a safe, reliable and affordable ride."
 The loss of Uber's license also succeed taxicab drivers outrage. Cab drivers from all over London say that Uber is taking their business. One cab driver said to a London newscaster at Metro News UK, “Average people are becoming Uber drivers, and making a few bucks here and there, all while they’re taking my job away from me. Leaving me with nothing.” Statements like this could also have swayed the TFL’s decision which could turn into an ethical issue.
 Uber hopes that their petition will bring the TFL to their senses. If not Uber is losing a major city in which they operate and if they are banned from London, are other major cities globally going to do the same? Uber hopes they will repeal the motion and, in the meantime, are doing everything they can to make sure it happened.

Lomas, Natasha. “Uber Only Has Itself to Blame for London License Loss.” TechCrunch, TechCrunch, 23 Sept. 2017, techcrunch.com/2017/09/23/uber-only-has-itself-to-blame-for-london-license-loss/.
Metro.co.uk, Georgia Diebelius for. “Black Cab Drivers React to Uber Being Stripped of Its Licence.” Metro, Metro News UK, 22 Sept. 2017, metro.co.uk/2017/09/22/black-cab-drivers-react-to-uber-being-stripped-of-its-licence-6948423/.
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Dreamers Wait Anxiously for DACA Replacement

Bernie Del Prado and Caroline Donado
Staff Writers

A replacement for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) has not yet been settled, however the Succeed Act proposed by two GOP senators could provide these 800,000 young immigrants with a solution.
On Sept. 5, the Trump administration had embarked on their task to phase out former president’s, Barack Obama, immigration policy, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.
The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, also known as DACA, was issued as an executive order by Barack Obama in 2012. Under this executive order, it permitted children brought in to the United States with their parents or other guardians to have a legal residency. The policy protects these individuals from immediate deportation, but is only authorized for minors with no criminal record.
 Although this policy has given many advantages for undocumented minors, the Trump administration aims to prioritize the rights and benefits of citizens. Individuals who are against the policy have argued it as unconstitutional, as Congress carries the responsibility to establish immigration laws and to determine legal status of immigrants. In addition, the policy has limited job opportunities for U.S. citizens, as people under this immigration law have taken away possible paychecks for citizens. On the other side, people have argued that many families under DACA fled their country due to dangerous circumstances and should not be deprived from living anew in the United States. Moreover, in many cases, children under DACA have lived most of their lives in the United States and have a minimal sense of their culture or knowledge of their mother-tongue.
 “Right now, I feel like I’m a 5-year-old again, a lost child who needs someone to provide her with what she needs,” a young immigrant tells The New York Times, “I depend on someone else’s decision.”
 Many view the Dreamers as a collective group and neglect to see them as individuals and how they are personally impacted. Nationwide, Dreamers and supporters of DACA have been protesting against the discontinuation of the program. They make the point that immigrants make America stronger and that they are hard-working individuals, not criminals.
 Tennessee’s attorney general tells USA Today, “Many of the DACA recipients, some of whose records I reviewed, have outstanding accomplishments and laudable ambitions, which if achieved, will be of great benefit and service to our country."
 If deported, the US would be deprived of 800,000 potential workers. Though the odds are stacked against them, Dreamers are not prepared to back down and will fight for the right to stay in the country they love. One Dreamer proclaimed to USA Today, “No matter what happens today or tomorrow or the next day, we continue to fight for our people.”
 As for the future of DACA, GOP senators James Lankford and Thom Tillis revealed a new bill, the Succeed Act, concerning the program on Sept. 25 which could provide an alternate solution. This bill will give Dreamers who are already part of DACA a path to citizenship, however it will be merit-based and those prioritized will be the Dreamers with the most work experience and education. The senator states that the applicants will undergo “extreme vetting” and will be required to go through three rounds of extensive background checks every five years. After the first phase, the individual can achieve a conditional resident status in which they must have a job, serve in the military, or earn a college degree to keep. Once they pass the second, the applicants can renew their residency and a obtain a green card. One can apply for citizenship after the third period, adding up to a total of 15 years to go through the process.
 Senator Tillis states, "If you work hard, follow the law and pay your taxes, you can stay here permanently."

 Whether the bill will pass, that will be up to Congress and Donald Trump to decide.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

New Hope Solebury's Locker Crisis

Kayla Paul-Koch
Staff Writer

Just two weeks before the 2017-2018 school year began, students were hit with news in an email from Principal Seier that only underclassman would be receiving lockers automatically and that upperclassman would need to request a locker if they wanted one.
 In addition to needing to request a locker, many upperclassmen must also share one with a friend. This came as shock to the majority upperclassmen who felt as though they deserved the priority on lockers due to heavier course loads. Audra Moore, a junior at New Hope, said she was “angry and annoyed over the fact that I would not receive a locker because I use my locker all the time and go to it multiple times a day to store books and my lunch.”

 Due to construction, lockers are limited since there is no freshman pit or senior hallway which combined, contained enough lockers for nearly 100 students. Sophomore Adam Singer felt as though “freshman should be warranted the lockers because of being in a new environment that they’re still trying to get used to, but that it is not necessary for seniors to have them.” After a month of school, students are adjusting to the changes in lockers well and there has been minimal conflict on the issue.

Fall Fest to Happen on Friday Night Football Game

Chloe Miller
Staff Writer

At this year’s Homecoming football game, clubs and sports will be having their booths open for games, food, and activities. In other words, the annual Fall Fest will now take place during the Friday night football game rather than the next day before the Homecoming Dance. This year’s Fall Fest is on Oct. 13, and student government is hoping it will increase attendance to both the football game and the event.
 Each club and sports team is encouraged to have a booth at Fall Fest, where they can fundraise for and promote their club. Some  have games, while others sell foods.
 Student Government Vice President Bernadette del Prado shared her opinion in why the decision was made to move this event to Friday rather than Saturday: “I'm so excited for Fall Fest this year since we didn't have one last year [due to weather]. I'm excited to see how it's going to work out with the Fall Fest happening with the football game, but I'm hopeful that it's going to be very successful since so many people in the community and school come out to support during our homecoming game.”
 As far as the game goes, the football team will be playing Springfield with hopes for a weekend victory.
 Quarterback Nick Garritano said, “I’m glad because it will bring more people to our game and to support us.”
 The thinking behind this plan is that more people will attend Fall Fest and support the event if it is not on the same day as the dance. Many people are busy that Saturday morning and afternoon and simply do not have time to organize a booth or attend the event.
 Senior Charlotte Taylor agreed: “I think having Fall Fest during the game will bring more people because you won’t be getting ready for the dance, like doing your hair and makeup.”

 If you are a leader of a club or captain of a team, you are encouraged to come out to the game, support our football team, and open a booth to get people excited about your group. Go Lions!