Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Freshmen Visit Middle Bucks Institute of Technology

Alexandra Buchler
Staff Writer

The freshmen visited the Middle Bucks Institute of Technology to discover new career fields they may be interested in on Oct. 14. With career training in cosmetology, culinary arts, mechanics, movie making, child care, computer technology, construction, human health services, and more, MBIT is an extremely diverse trade school. Students heard the teachers in each department speak about their classes, giving a small overview of each individual course. Each class counts as credits towards college, and up to 18 credits can be earned.
 “It was cool to see how there was an actual daycare where students can go one-on-one with actual kids,” said Jordyn Sherman.
 “Me and some of my friends were really interested in the medicine department,” said Jon Li.
 “I never knew cosmetology could be so complicated!” said Lauren Adler.
The students toured MBIT in groups, each led by someone who worked there. The tour guides answered any questions the students had. All of the departments had people with all different experiences. Tours were in the morning and the students were there from 8:30 to 10:30. Most groups did not get around to all 23 programs, but MBIT is having an open house night in January for all students who wish to visit each program and receive a thorough explanation of the courses.

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  1. It's a shame that out of some 375 students (grades 10-12)only a mere 25 have taken advantage of the facilities and programs of MBIT.If you take the morning session, the bus picks you up right in front of your home and then drops you off right in front of the school after the session.
    Likewise, if you are taking the afternoon session, you are taken from the school to MBIT and then right back to NHS after school.
    The facilities at MBIT can not be emulated back on campus. Check out MBIT's website. And you can also get college credit for a number of their courses.