Friday, November 6, 2015

Troops in Afghanistan continue to serve until 2017

Bernadette del Prado and Parker Miele
Staff Writers

On October 15, 2015, Barack Obama, announced that the United States national troops stationed in Afghanistan would continue serving there at least until 2017, the end of Obama’s term, but could possibly be stationed there for longer. The continuing issue of the Taliban, ISIS, and other terrorist associations rose in the Middle-Eastern area, yet there have been a multitude of possible solutions that have not yet been established.
Obama claimed, “To the Afghan people, who have suffered so much – Americans’ commitment to you and to a secure, stable and unified Afghanistan, that remains firm … And as you defend and build your country, today is a reminder that the United States keeps our commitments.”  The main objective of the stationed U.S. troops in Afghanistan is to train Afghan soldiers, as well as make alliances with their national forces to create a stronger military to go against terrorists groups in Syria, Iraq, and Pakistan. The Afghan military do not obtain an air force, a stable medical evacuation system, nor experienced training. The stationed troops in Afghanistan will create a more significant and beneficial relationship with the United States and Middle-Eastern nations suffering with the existence of terrorists groups in the country.
In 2001, approximately 100,000 U.S. troops in Afghanistan. Currently, the U.S. obtains 10,000 troops in Afghanistan, and will attempt to maintain at least 5,500 to remain in Afghanistan. Withdrawal of troops was a constant dilemma with stationed soldiers in Afghanistan, but finally had the solution to reduce the amount, as the national military is experiencing the dilemma of medical limitations and having too many military forces, Obama hopes that this many troops will protect individuals from terrorist attacks through Asia and Africa.
Although all these very respected individuals have to experience a multitude of hardships being about from the thousands of emotional families, the troops have the job to serve our nation and play influential roles for our future generations.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Deer storms campus

Anna Sirianni

A deer charged through a pack of football players before the team’s practice on Oct. 8 at approximately 2:45 p.m. The team chased the deer as it ran from the woods near the weight room and past Junior Victoria Kalinovich.
 “I thought it was coming at me, but it wasn’t. Then it fell like three feet in front of me and made a big noise,” Kalinovich said. “I was actually terrified.”
 The deer ran into the library courtyard, which is a dead end. It was trapped as the football team quickly formed a crowd around it.
 “The deer kept hitting the walls of the school,” said Senior football player Alec Coburn.
 Within seconds, the deer charged through the crowd and back towards the weight room. The football team chased it away while shouting. Senior Cameron Skoroda filmed the deer’s escape with his iPhone.
 “I don’t know why we chased the deer...That thing came flying at us,” Coburn said.  
 “I don’t think [chasing the deer] was a good idea. It was on school property,” Kalinovich said.
 Deer are most active in September and October, so it is easier to spot deer at this time of year, even on campus.

Freshmen Visit Middle Bucks Institute of Technology

Alexandra Buchler
Staff Writer

The freshmen visited the Middle Bucks Institute of Technology to discover new career fields they may be interested in on Oct. 14. With career training in cosmetology, culinary arts, mechanics, movie making, child care, computer technology, construction, human health services, and more, MBIT is an extremely diverse trade school. Students heard the teachers in each department speak about their classes, giving a small overview of each individual course. Each class counts as credits towards college, and up to 18 credits can be earned.
 “It was cool to see how there was an actual daycare where students can go one-on-one with actual kids,” said Jordyn Sherman.
 “Me and some of my friends were really interested in the medicine department,” said Jon Li.
 “I never knew cosmetology could be so complicated!” said Lauren Adler.
The students toured MBIT in groups, each led by someone who worked there. The tour guides answered any questions the students had. All of the departments had people with all different experiences. Tours were in the morning and the students were there from 8:30 to 10:30. Most groups did not get around to all 23 programs, but MBIT is having an open house night in January for all students who wish to visit each program and receive a thorough explanation of the courses.

Hope for Haunted Woods

Julianna Slominski and Jack Slominski
Staff Writer

Rumor has it this will be the last haunted woods. With renovations occurring throughout the school, the woods are bound to be cut down. However, Mr. G said, “It won’t all be cut down.”
 If Mr. G’s prediction pulls through, then haunted woods will face changes. It is most likely that the route will be redirected throughout the remainder of the woods. With a smaller amount of space, is it going to be too cramped? Bernadette Del Prado said, “I don’t want to be able to hear or see what is going to happen before I even get to it.”
 Mr. Sherman is disappointed for what is going to happen to the haunted woods, but excited for his new workout room to take its place. Students question if it is worth it for new shiny equipment and more space.
 “If this plan were to follow through, then we all would feel something missing during the month of October,” said Parker Meile. He worries that the land is not being put to good use.
 As for this year, students have been working hard to make it the best year yet. Each section follows the central theme inspired from the hit TV series American Horror Story.
 Each grade level decided on a season from the show to decorate their section in the woods. The order isn’t the same as the previous years. The sophomore class has chose the first section similar to they did last year. Will they be brave and find new places to spook you or can you remember where they were hiding last year? The freshman follow the sophomore taking the second part and the seniors claimed the third spot leaving the juniors with the last section. All grade levels are hopeful for a frightful haunted woods this year.