Friday, February 27, 2015

PSIC-supported handball tournament draws many competitors and supporters

Chloe Verwiel
Staff Writer

February 6 was a night filled with excitement at New Hope-Solebury High School. With approximately 80 students in attendance, Positive Student Interaction Club (PSIC) club held a handball tournament.  “The aim of the club is to provide positive and fun activities for all members of the school’” stated sophomore Hannah Rescek. PSIC did exactly this. The night was filled with fun but competitive games to see who would win the Chipotle gift cards. It was set up in a tournament style with double elimination.
  Jess Zimmerman, Kelly Hyland, Claire Dougherty, Victoria Kalinovich, Hannah Rescek, Mr. Achenbach, and Mrs. Park did an amazing job at organizing the event and getting such a high participation number. Mr. and Mrs. Cosner, Mr. G, Mr. O’Hara, and Mrs. Roberts were kind enough to help during the event in order to make sure everything went smoothly. Teams were lucky enough to participate and get customized t-shirts for free. The event was paid for by a grant given to PSIC by NHS Cares. This money was able to pay for the shirts and gift cards. Snacks, such as pretzels and candy, were generously donated by members of PSIC.  
  The competition was intense as many teams were close to being crowned the winners. In the end, “We Want Chipotle” became the champions and received the Chipotle gift cards. However, all eleven teams showed tremendous effort, and most importantly, had an amazing time.

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