Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Deer storms campus

Anna Sirianni

A deer charged through a pack of football players before the team’s practice on Oct. 8 at approximately 2:45 p.m. The team chased the deer as it ran from the woods near the weight room and past Junior Victoria Kalinovich.
 “I thought it was coming at me, but it wasn’t. Then it fell like three feet in front of me and made a big noise,” Kalinovich said. “I was actually terrified.”
 The deer ran into the library courtyard, which is a dead end. It was trapped as the football team quickly formed a crowd around it.
 “The deer kept hitting the walls of the school,” said Senior football player Alec Coburn.
 Within seconds, the deer charged through the crowd and back towards the weight room. The football team chased it away while shouting. Senior Cameron Skoroda filmed the deer’s escape with his iPhone.
 “I don’t know why we chased the deer...That thing came flying at us,” Coburn said.  
 “I don’t think [chasing the deer] was a good idea. It was on school property,” Kalinovich said.
 Deer are most active in September and October, so it is easier to spot deer at this time of year, even on campus.

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  1. Hopefully, sooner than later we will hear from the administration as to where the coaches were.