Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Hope for Haunted Woods

Julianna Slominski and Jack Slominski
Staff Writer

Rumor has it this will be the last haunted woods. With renovations occurring throughout the school, the woods are bound to be cut down. However, Mr. G said, “It won’t all be cut down.”
 If Mr. G’s prediction pulls through, then haunted woods will face changes. It is most likely that the route will be redirected throughout the remainder of the woods. With a smaller amount of space, is it going to be too cramped? Bernadette Del Prado said, “I don’t want to be able to hear or see what is going to happen before I even get to it.”
 Mr. Sherman is disappointed for what is going to happen to the haunted woods, but excited for his new workout room to take its place. Students question if it is worth it for new shiny equipment and more space.
 “If this plan were to follow through, then we all would feel something missing during the month of October,” said Parker Meile. He worries that the land is not being put to good use.
 As for this year, students have been working hard to make it the best year yet. Each section follows the central theme inspired from the hit TV series American Horror Story.
 Each grade level decided on a season from the show to decorate their section in the woods. The order isn’t the same as the previous years. The sophomore class has chose the first section similar to they did last year. Will they be brave and find new places to spook you or can you remember where they were hiding last year? The freshman follow the sophomore taking the second part and the seniors claimed the third spot leaving the juniors with the last section. All grade levels are hopeful for a frightful haunted woods this year.

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  1. Notice that the first word in the article is, "Rumor". We also see the word, "Prediction"in the second paragraph. My suggestion is simple. Come to the next school board meeting where you will be able to put your questions to the board. The date and time is posted on the district home page.