Thursday, January 3, 2019

Juul suspends sales in attempt to curb vaping epidemic

Kennedy Fisher
Staff Writer                               
Juul Labs, the company that makes JUUL-branded electronic cigarettes and flavor pods, is trying to put an end to the teen vaping epidemic. Juul has decided to suspend their retail sales early Nov. 2018 and social media promotions due to the teen vaping addiction problem. Juul is often accused of marketing to appeal to teens which is why the government has been putting pressure on them to suspend sales for a period of time. The FDA threatened to shut Juul down in September if they didn't start preventing teens from using their product. The FDA gave them a 60-day period which has now ended, meaning more restrictions made by the FDA are in the near future. The company will use an age verification system that requires buyers to enter their social security number, address and birth date in efforts to keep teens from juuling.
    People such as sophomore Chris Kolen are disgusted by this new trend. He went as far to say: “Juul should be shut down. It's just not necessary and is unsafe.” Freshman Kayci Lane adds: “It’s [vaping] terrible for your health and teens need to cut it out.” These sentiments are arguably not the norm in teenagers, especially in New Hope, but it is good to have people in the most vulnerable age group fighting back against the vaping epidemic.
    Since flavors such as mango, fruit, creme, and cucumber are most attractive to teens they will only be found online and discontinued from being sold in stores. Other flavors like menthol, mint, and tobacco will be sold in stores for they are the most helpful with the main focus of Juul's company: ending smoking. As an added precaution, buyers must be over 21 to buy pods where the age restriction used to be 18. It's still unclear when Juul will resume sales but, hopefully, these actions will help to cut down the teen vaping epidemic.

Apple accused of lying about iPhone screen sizes

Jackson Cane
Staff Writers

On Friday, Dec. 14, a lawsuit was filed accusing Apple’s iPhone X series display specs and how they aren’t accurate to what they say. There were two plaintiffs that filed the suit in the U.S. District Court of Northern California alleging Apple falsely advertised both the screen sizes and pixel counts of the displays in its iPhone X, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max phones.
     Apple claimed when these phones first came out it was all screen, but as others are discovering, they really aren’t. As reported in the New York Times, a 55-page complaint was filed by two plaintiffs accusing the company of false advertising. For example, the iPhone X's screen size is supposed to be 5.8 inches, but the plaintiffs measured that it's "only about 5.6875 inches." Many users may look at this and not really care, but other users, such as the plaintiffs, care about it and know they are being lied to.
     They also allege about the iPhone X series and their screen resolutions. They claim they have a lower screen resolution then what they think they are getting. The iPhone X is supposed to have a resolution of 2436x1125 pixels, but the phone doesn't have any true pixels with red, green and blue subpixels in each pixel, according to the plaintiffs. iPhone X allegedly only has two subpixels per pixel, which is less than what they say. The most surprising thing that they claim about this is that the iPhone 8 Plus has a higher-quality screen than iPhone X.
     If this lawsuit is elevated to a class action, there could be many people in the world being affected but a ton of users are affected at the New Hope-Solebury High School where the iPhone is far and away the preferred mobile device. When the newer iPhones dropped, tons of teens got it. Even though most of the people buying the phone do not really care about a miniscule screen change, Apple would probably do something with people being affected with the phone.
     As something this big for Apple, this isn’t the first time they have been accused over a flaw or falsely advertised product. Tons of customers in March of 2018 sued Apple in a total of 59 separate lawsuits over a software change that supposedly slowed down some older iPhones. The company claimed it was done to conserve battery while plaintiffs charged it was a marketing scheme to buy new ones.
     In the end of the day, millions across the globe still will use the revolutionary device that changed the world. From kids to teens to adults to elders, it will remain one of the top devices on the market.

Monday, December 17, 2018

Start the Holiday Off with a BANG!!!

Gretchen Newman and Meghan Miller
Staff Writers

As it is the last week before break, New Hope-Solebury is finishing off with a festive holiday kick off week. Each day is a different fun and exciting theme.
     Monday is PJ day.
     Tuesday Flannel Day.
     Wednesday is Jack Frost nipping at your nose so wear your best winter gear (hats, gloves, ski goggles, scarves).
     Thursday is twin with Santa or dress up like one of his elves (red or green).
     Friday is ugly sweater day
To finish up the week before break with a bang, we will be having the Talent Show! We need you and your friends to sign up for the show! Spread the word to your classes!

Friday, December 14, 2018

DiNapoli’s Italian Deli Coming to New Hope

Cooper Hendricks

Staff Writers

DiNapoli’s Italian Deli, a very popular Italian restaurant from just across the river in Lambertville, is making its way to New Hope in January.
     They plan to move to 18-20 N. Main Street, which has “ Indoor and outdoor seating to accommodate our amazing customers.” They plan to stay open for the rest of December and will begin the move across the Delaware River in January of 2019.
     DiNapoli’s also comes with great food as well as ratings, even having won the Best Meatball in New Jersey as well as the Golden Meatball. Several other awards like Best Sandwich and Best Catering also are displayed proudly at the top of their webpage.
     The restaurant’s style and aesthetic come from the late nineteen forties and early fifties when famous singers like Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin sang on the radio. On their walls, they have old black and white photos of Frank Sinatra and large orchestras.
     The menu is also very promising with their great looking sandwiches, and salads. Going back to their aesthetic, they even have a sandwich called Mack the Knife, which is a song by the singer Bobby Darin.
     DiNapoli’s should be very well received with what looks to be an excellent menu and hospitable staff. They should have no problem at all settling down here in New Hope and should have plenty of new and old customers.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

California in State of Emergency after Fires Continue to Spread

Michael Borys and Justin Horak
Staff Writers

On Nov. 9, Northern California was surprised with an enormous fire killing 42 people. As well as, 200 people missing. Around 6,700 buildings and structures were destroyed which is becoming the most destructive fire in California history.  This occured in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, which was richy populated with retirees. There are currently two fires going on in the state of California the “Campfire” and the “Woolsey Fire.”
     The  Campfire is in Butte County California and 135,000 acres burned. The California Firefighters have contained 35% of it and there were 48  fatalities and three firefighters injured. In Butte County there were 8,817 structures destroyed and 7,600 of them homes. The Woolsey Fire is a little smaller compared to the Campfire. The Woolsey Fire is located in Los Angeles County and Ventura County California. This fire have burned 97,620 acres of land and about 47% percent have been contained.
     The number of people killed in wildfires burning in California has risen to 50, including 48 from Northern California's Campfire, already the most destructive and deadly blaze in state history. Meanwhile, survivors of the massive Campfire, the deadliest blaze in the state’s history  continued to search for their missing loved ones in the ruins of Paradise. In result of the devastating fires, the air pollution is full of tiny particles that can cause health problems, ranging from from temporary discomfort to long-term heart and lung diseases.
     The largest wildfire, “Camp Fire” ravaged through about 153 thousand acres. The fire began at approximately 6:30 A.M. Later in the same day the “Woolsey Fire” burnt about 97 thousand acres which started at about 2:30 P.M. The smallest wildfire, “Hill Fire” burnt through four and a half thousand acres which started at 2:00 P.M. Seventeen days after the wildfires began, firefighters confirmed that the fire has been 100 percent contained. In result there were three total wildfires that occurred.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

2018 Solebury Township Midterm Election Results

Amy Tao and Marina Skuban
Staff writers

Scott Wallace, Brian Fitzpatrick, you’ve heard the names. This election is one to remember.
Democrat Bob Casey, seeking his third term, ran against Republican Lou Barletta, who is currently in the House of Representatives, for the US Senate race. Casey easily won with 55.6% over Barletta’s 42.8%, so he will keep his seat for another six years. Pennsylvania’s other senator is Republican Pat Toomey, which gives Pennsylvania one republican and one democrat in the Senate.
Current governor Tom Wolf, seeking a second term, was challenged by Scott Wagner, who aims to free business owners from state regulations for job growth and higher paychecks. Wolf won 57.6% over 40.8%, remaining governor for another four years.
Candidates for Senator in the General Assembly of the 10th District were Steve Santarsiero, aiming to rebuild our economy, and Marguerite Quinn, who prioritizes the education system. The two were battling for the open seat after Chuck McIlhinney did not run for reelection. Santarsiero won the showdown by over 6,000 votes.
Helen Tai and Wendi Thomas ran for the open seat in District 178. Thomas, the Republican candidate, defeated Tai, a resident of Solebury township and the current Democratic incumbent, by fewer than 1,000 votes.
Brian Fitzpatrick and Scott Wallace ran for the 1st Congressional district in a highly watched race. Wallace caught up to Fitzpatrick, the republican incumbent once considered unbeatable, in the polls. However, Fitzpatrick was able to pull off the win.
The 2018 Midterm elections have been one of the most important elections of our time. With a 188% increase in young voters since 2014 and a record breaking amount of women and people from other minority groups elected to the House and Senate, this has certainly been an election for the history books. Our country will continue to change, but only if people get out and vote. 

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Whiskey the Whippet Wins National Dog Show

Caroline Donado

The National Dog Show took place on Nov. 22 (Thanksgiving day), awarding a Whippet
named Whiskey, Best in Show. The show, run by the American Kennel Club, featured thousands of dogs from across the nation and five international entries. 185 breeds were represented including the Grand Basset Griffon Vendéen and Nederlandse Kooikerhondje which were featured for the first time. The dog show has seven groups with the Whippet winning the Hound Group, Doberman Pinscher for the Working, Pembroke Welsh Corgi for Herding, Chesapeake Bay Retriever for Sporting, Lhasa Apso for Non-Sporting, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel for Toy, and the Wire Fox Terrier for the Terrier Group.
    Whiskey’s handler said to NBC that “[he’s] an outstanding example of what the ideal Whippet would look like.” Whiskey beat Doberman Pinscher, Irupe, for the first place ribbon. This is his 20th Best in Show. “First and foremost he is our companion and pet,” the handler’s wife says. “We love him.”