Tuesday, October 7, 2014

US Intervenes in ISIS Situation

Dan Doherty
Staff Writer

 As the second day of fall sets on the United States, our national defense struck Syria 47 times with bombs from the air and water. From the sky and the sea, the United States targeted Raqqa and other ISIS locations. An “imminent attack” against the US from ISIS was supposedly suspended because of the actions of our defense as well as several other countries (Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan, etc.). Reports from the government indicate that key military bases, control centers, and members of the ISIS organization were eliminated during the night of September 23. The US government went into Syria with the mission show that they always have an upper hand against terrorist groups, as well as to capture bases that were taken from us in recent months.  
Neither letter nor agreement was given to the Syrian government asking for permission to attack the group on their homeland. Although, Syrian officials were informed through American counterparts that an attack on ISIS was coming and some areas in Syria may be targeted.
A large controversy about  is that the White House authorized this mission without the consent of the Congress. The White House says that the mission was authorized under a previous consent of Congress, giving them the right to bomb Al Qaeda. Peter Beinart said in a statement, "It was one thing to attack in Iraq, where you had a government that wanted us to, but Congress did not vote for U.S. airstrikes in Syria, and we don't have a government requesting us to do that."
We must keep America safe, but most do so under the constitution.

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