Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Introducing the Class of 2018

Madison Walsh
Staff Writer

 Incoming freshman are always an important part of starting out a new school year. Between hearing out the new voices that now make up a large portion of our school, or getting to know this class individually when it comes to integrating grades, an introduction is always helpful when opening up to new chapters in life, or in this case, New Hope-Solebury High School.
 After interviewing a number of freshman students this year, a pleasant census was attained throughout the sample as a whole.
 The entire sample altogether seemed very excited starting out freshman year. Between being given more freedom and the opportunity to meet new people, this class seemed eager to jump right into things. “Just within the first few weeks of high school,” responded freshman Erica Brennan, “I’m already looking forward to school events and being given the freedom to do so much more than in middle school.” Another student, Jake Zimmerman, stated, “I’m excited to be given tablets in high school!” A number of people also reported being excited for the opportunity to be able to efficiently go through their freshman year with the help of these one to one devices.
 This 9th grade class also are coming into high school with a number of ideas to bring to the school in order to make their four years here much more efficient. “I think that it would be nice to get more people involved and joining clubs,” Nicolette Cosmas reported. A number of other freshman also concluded that getting updated water fountains would be helpful in wanting to stay hydrated throughout the day, and ready to participate in sports after school. Another idea brought to the school was by student Thomas Detlefsen. “The map added in the front of school for the freshman is extremely helpful so far,” he stated. “I think that by the time the second semester comes around and we need to learn where more classes are, additional maps around the school would be helpful in order to get to class more efficiently.” Lastly, another helpful suggestion was added in by Nils Dahlin, reporting that it would be nice to not only get Jamie Hollander for lunch but possibly Spatolas. I agreed with this observation, being that Spatolas could provide options for a more general group of people, and would most likely be extremely more affordable than the costs of Jamie Hollander for lunch.
 So far, as it seems, the freshman have received a welcoming vibe from the rest of high school this year. Every student reported back positively with their outlook on upperclassman and staff in helping them to adjust to the new school and feel welcomed making new friends. Additional reports came from Thomas Detlefsen again, stating that “Although the workload seems to be a bit more than last year, it is to be expected and seems like a reachable goal throughout the school year.” Nils Dahlin also reports that, “High school so far seems pretty chill. It’s much more diverse than in middle school,and friends groups seem to be much more spread out as well.” Even new student Christy Ditommaso said, “The people in New Hope seem to be a lot nicer than the kids in my old school.”
 Overall, this grade seems eager to jump right into things. Between the social aspects and making a difference in the community, every student seemed more than eager to get involved. Both personable and interesting, the freshman class of 2014 should be on your list to get to know!

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