Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Search for the Pocono Killer

Chris Brady
Staff Writer

On September 12, in the Poconos, a man shot and killed a police officer at the Blooming Grove Pennsylvania Police barracks. This act of violence quickly landed him on the FBI’s most wanted list. Since then, Pennsylvania police have locked down close by neighborhoods to hunt for the alleged killer. Police are strongly advising that people stay in their houses, while they shut down roads in an attempt to catch the killer.  
Allegedly, the man responsible for the crime is Eric Frein, who fancies himself as a survivalist. Frein took the life of Cpl. Byron Dixon, and wounded Trooper Alex Douglass. Police surrounded Frein’s parent’s house, where he was believed to be in hiding, this past Saturday morning. The cops came ready for action in armoured vehicles and bulletproof vests. The fatal and wounding shots were reportedly fired at 6:40pm on Friday, Sept. 19, outside the police barracks in Blooming Grove Pennsylvania.
It is believed that troopers are narrowing in on Frein,as they are now only searching in northern Monroe County near the border of Pike County. Residents of the area are scared to go out, some can even see police in the woods searching for Frein, who has now been hiding for 10 days, and is known to be armed with a high powered rifle, with the intent of killing any officers that come his way.  
Some schools have been closed, roads blocked off, and people are experiencing complications with getting to work. With troopers in bulletproof vests, armoured vehicles, and helicopters buzzing around, the Poconos is in a state of worry and confusion. Although it is believed by Governor Corbett that Frein is only after cops, many families are still concerned, and the effects of the search are taking a toll on people. Some are planning to evacuate if the search drags on, attempting to return to normal life as quickly as possible.           


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