Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Mr. Malone Solves Senior Lunch Struggles

Spencer Tinkel
Editor in Chief

 After a week of debate and frustration, the Senior Class of 2015 has found a new location to enjoy their lunch: the faculty lunch room.
 It is a “senior privilege” to have the opportunity to eat lunch anywhere in the school. However, many members of the Class of 2015 wanted to stay put in the High School Cafeteria. The only issue with staying put, however, space. It only took one lunch for all of  the Seniors to be kicked out of the High School Cafeteria, displacing Senior students to the halls near the auditorium.
 “It was never the same. The atmosphere, the people; it was not high school. Something had to be done,” senior Matt Mazza commented about the situation.
 Immediately, members of the Class spoke to Mr. Malone about their displeasures regarding their new lunch environment and Mr. Malone pledged to make the situation better. First, Mr. Malone had tables brought into the area near the auditorium so that, at the very least, a comfortable lunch could be eaten.
 “We greatly appreciated the tables. It showed that Mr. Malone was willing to make some changes and help us out. However, there was a fundamental issue with the tables in the auditorium. That cafeteria feel just was not there, and if I was still hungry after my meal, I would have to walk all the way back to the cafeteria. It just did not feel right,” an exuberant Matt Steele had to say.
 Then Mr. Malone did something that seemed, at first thought, to be impossible. He secured the faculty room in the cafeteria as a haven for the Class of 2015. Now, seniors can enjoy their lunch, with a room all to themselves, while still being in the cafeteria.
 As Andrew Bove put it, “it’s the best of both worlds. We have our own space, but we can still enjoy our meals in the cafeteria. What else could you ask for?”
 Clearly the Seniors are content with their eating situation, and who knows, maybe Senior classes of the future will continue to eat their lunches in the faculty room.  

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  1. When dealing with students who are level headed and calm in their approach, it makes it easier to get things done! Thank you students for your patience with this!