Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Students Prepare for Halloween

With October 31 approaching rapidly, students are now finalizing their costumes and making their plans for the nights of Halloween and mischief night. This year, Halloween is on a Friday, which gives students much more freedom in terms of making plans and celebrating the holiday. We asked the students of New Hope what their plans for the two nights were and the responded with the following information.
  13% of students were looking forward to mischief night more than they were looking forward to Halloween. 87% of students are more excited for Halloween out of the two nights. From this information, one could infer that mischief night will not be largely participated in by the students of New Hope. Still,families should be cautious of trespassers, and mischievous activities occurring on Oct. 30. We wish all students participating in mischief night a safe evening, and we warn all others and their families to be alert.
  The vast majority of the school will be participating in Halloween in some way, being that only 2% of students answered saying that they did not have any plans for Halloween. 70% of students planned on attending a Halloween party, 20% planned on going trick or treating, 8% planned on handing out candy to trick or treaters, and 2% said they were doing nothing.
  During the school day, students are being asked to dress up in their Halloween costumes to “scare away drugs” for the finale of Red Ribbon Week. Of all of the students asked what they were dressing up as for Halloween, 30% of students were wearing a scary or Halloween themed costume. Regardless of whether or not an individual’s costume is scary, students should dress up to show support for Red Ribbon week and to be spirited on the holiday.
  This year there are many fun activities that you can do, and many other peers to celebrate the holiday with. No matter how you chose to celebrate, have a fun, safe, and spirited Halloween.

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