Monday, November 21, 2016

Veterans talk to students

Amanda Horak & Parker Miele
Staff Writers

On November 11, students walked into social studies classes to meet a host of incredibly smart and supremely brave men and women who have fought for our country. These men came in to share their amazing stories and journeys and never dropped a smile from their faces. Every student  could tell that every veteran was proud of their military service.
  After fourth period the veterans were done sharing their journey with students. They went down to the library for a fantastic lunch. The choir sang “God Bless America,” for them, while the local girl scout troop talked to them even more about what their experience was like.
  We asked some students about what they thought of the veterans and if they would like to continue bringing in more veterans next year.
  A junior, Katie Hunt, said: “I really enjoyed listening to them talk. Their stories were truly incredible. I do hope we do this again next year to hear even more about what others went through too.”
  This is just one of the students who really got a great experience from Veterans Day. Many walked away with a better understanding of the sacrifice it takes for someone to risk their own life for their country.
  A junior Vanessa Northrup, said: “I really understand how much these men risked to help our country and I am forever grateful for them and what they risked for us.”
  The Veterans Day visits were a huge success at New Hope this year. A lot of students are really looking forward to next year to learn more from the veterans.

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