Monday, November 21, 2016

Student takes advantage of online opportunity

Jacob McCloskey
Features Editor

If you’re someone who writes well, someone who wants to find something unique to add to a college application, or someone who has an interest in anything that is at all distinct or marketable, there’s most likely a place online where you can get published. Many students in the past have written for the Odyssey Online, local newspapers, or sports, music, or fashion websites that they’re interested in.
  I’ve recently begun an internship where I write at an electronic music website. I’d never thought about writing anywhere else other than school, but after coming across a listing and an easy application, I found myself as one of the staff writers for
  The process begins when a writer adds a new idea to the “idea” section on the website’s organizational page. From there, a writer will select a subject to write about, send it to the editors, and the article will soon go online. On top of writing about topics that are simply fun, the website also can provide press passes to music festivals, gives writers the chance to interview artists, and ultimately delivers opportunities that wouldn’t even be a possibility in any other context.
  If you love sports, there’s probably hundreds of websites that want writers to contribute articles about sports. If you’re passionate about music, there’s most definitely a place where you can participate. If you like fashion, the same applies. There’s a huge variety of writing opportunities available for websites online, and most of these are great ways to get a foot in the door to any industry.

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