Monday, November 21, 2016

Donald Trump will be 45th President of the United States

Liz Donahue
Staff Writer

Tuesday, Nov. 8 was one of the most anticipated days of the year. The race between Clinton and Trump was close, however many people were expecting a Clinton win due to then-current polls and Clinton’s campaign confidence. However, when the news came on early Wednesday morning, millions were shocked that Donald Trump had been elected the 45th president of the United States. Many were angered, scared, frantic, and/or upset, but the presiding emotion seemed to be confusion. How did he win?
  Tuesday started off with many of the polls underestimating Trump’s chances, predicting a Clinton win. Many battleground states that were leaning towards Clinton had actually flipped in Trump’s favor, something that was very unexpected. Pennsylvania, a state which most experts felt was almost certainly going to go to Clinton, actually went red during the late hours of the election. Nobody predicted that Florida, Iowa, North Carolina, and Ohio would all go to Trump as well. There is speculation that many people lied to pollers about who they were actually voting for.
  Hillary Clinton won the popular vote; however, Donald Trump won the electoral vote. Many African American, Latino, and young voters failed to show up to vote on Tuesday, which hurt Clinton in the race. According to ABC News, only 11 percent of Latinos voted, and Trump took 29 percent of those votes. Trump had a stronghold on men, and even got 44 percent of the female vote.
  As the Lion’s Tale went to press, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was leading President-elect Donald Trump in the popular vote 63,045,266 to 61,607,950. Michigan is still counting its votes and plans to certify its election results at the end of November. Although Trump is only leading by .3 percent of the vote (about 11.600 votes according to, officials believe he will carry the state and win the election with a final electoral college vote count of 306 to 232.


  1. Perhaps the writer of the article could tell us about the reactions of our students in a followup article. What say you?

  2. It's really amazing isn't it that after all the negativity attributed to Donald Trump's alleged remarks denigrading women that 44% of them still came out to vote for him.