Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Students Struggle with the Use of Keycards & Access Centers

Parker Miele & Amanda Horak
Staff Writers

 Since the start of the year students have been having huge issues with key cards and getting into different parts of the building. Key cards are our only way into the school, but if the key cards aren’t working we won’t be able to get into school.
Junior, Isaac Zucker, expressed concern to us because the routine he followed last year just isn’t possible this year due to construction. It’s a struggle now going to and from classes. The construction hasn’t made it easy and it’s probably not going to get easier. We all need to learn the ways that we can get in and out of the building, so none of us get stuck outside or are late to our classes.
 Students will find that the only three doors that are open are the fitness center entrance to the cafeteria, the walkway entrance from the middle school, and the door next to Mr. Balmer’s room. The theater is always open in the morning, but not the afternoon. All doors lock, without key card usage, after 7:50 a.m. The only exception to this are those three doors.
 Students have been struggling with this issue this year because they’re unable to use the easy access doors, such as the back parking lot entrance to the cafeteria.
 “I come from Chemistry going to photography. Since I cannot go outside due to the construction and the key card issue, I’m stuck walking around the entire school just to get to one class. This always leads to me being late to photography,” says sophomore Kelli Schlussel.
 Mr. Seier said that only certain doors are open because of the dangers stemming from construction, and if students used those doors there could be safety issues. The administration is only locking these doors for students and staff. The only people allowed in are authorized construction workers.
 This year is going to be difficult entering and exiting the building, but in the end it will and should be worth it because our school is going to look so much nicer.  

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