Monday, September 26, 2016

DNC Hacking Causes Trouble for Convention

Heather Borochaner
Staff Writer

 Days before the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, the Philly-bound democrats were hit with a nasty surprise. Wikileaks had hacked into the emails of many democratic officials, including the head of the DNC, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who had to resign after the emails came out. The content within the leaked emails did not bode well for the presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who at the time was about to receive her official title as the Democratic nominee. The emails released showed Democratic officials, including Schultz, showing favoritism towards Clinton over the other running Democrat, Bernie Sanders, who had started a political revolution within the Democratic community supporting very far left views.
 The emails sparked outrage among Sanders supporters and delegates, and even the Republican candidate Donald Trump had a word in the aftermath of the email leaks, claiming how he knew the system had been rigged against Sanders from the start. Many Democrats demanded that Clinton not be the nominee, claiming that the rigged system made the delegates Clinton had won void.

 The convention itself was riddled with issues. Throughout the convention, there were protests going on both inside and outside the convention center. Outside the convention, people stood and shouted in support for Bernie Sanders against Hillary Clinton, whilst similar protests were heard inside. Delegates held Bernie Sanders signs and crossed out or otherwise modified Hillary signs, and when speakers would show their support for and endorse Clinton, the crowd would be riddled with booing. Just before Clinton spoke, Sanders himself addressed the crowd on the stage and urged them to support Clinton, but based on current attitudes towards the previous secretary of state, this may not happen too quickly.

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