Friday, September 16, 2016

iPhone 7: Same package, more power; your headphones must adapt

Savannah Herring 
Staff Writer

The newest iPhone release has waiting customers excited and in awe. It appears to be extremely similar to the design of the iPhone 6/6s, but is deceptively more powerful and simplistic.
 The new iPhone comes in five colors, including the newest color Jet Black. Other edits have been made to clean up the exterior look, like the antenna, which has been rearranged to be less dominating and almost completely hidden depending on the color of the iPhone. The home button has also been altered to no longer be mechanical when the phone is turned off. It is the first model of iPhone to be water-resistant (not waterproof), and more dust-resistant. The biggest alteration to the design is the removement of the headphone jack. Apple has created AirPods, which are essentially wireless headphones still capable of the same sound. However, the phone also comes with a set EarPods that can still be used through the new lightning connector. They've also included an adapter for users who want to connect their old headphones to the lightning connector.

 The iPhone 7 is due to be released on September 16, while pre-order begins September 9. However, Apple has decided to prioritize non-iPhone upgraders versus current customers for the limited pre-order sale. This conflict has now started a lawsuit against Apple asking to make full inventory of new phones to current members of the update program. The lawyers on the case were also asking the company to fully reimburse loyal customers for any fees in delayed time due to waiting for the iPhone 7. The lawyers are charging Apple with deprioritizing current customers seeking the upgrade, rather than making the update equally available for all individuals.

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