Thursday, October 24, 2013

One Year Later: Human Remains Found in Italian Cruise Ship

Erin Gouris Staff Writer Over a year later, the Costa Concordia is still sitting where it capsized off the coast of Italy. The cruise ship was on its side until recently when it was righted by engineers, somthing that is not common with ships that large. It was an attempt to locate the two bodies that were never found. A week later, human remains were found that are perhaps the missing people. Out of the four thousand people on board, thirty two died and sixty four were injured. The Costa Concordia was sailing near the Giglio Island when it hit a reef and flipped onto its side. BBC reports Italy's civil protection agency’s head Franco Gabrielli say that it was “almost a miracle” that the remains were found after 20 months under the cruise ship. They are being tested and need to be identified with DNA, but are most likely the two missing passengers. The Italian captain Francesco Schettino claims he is a hero, and shouldn’t be blamed for the deaths. There was a miscommunication when the captain told the helmsman to turn left, and instead he turned right. Reported from CNN Schettino is possibly faced with 20 years in jail for his actions.In addition to be tried for manslaughter, Schettino is said to have abandoned the ship while there were still passengers on board trying to evacuate. He wants to do a recreation of the night, this time walking with the judges alongside him to explain himself.

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