Thursday, October 10, 2013

Mr. Malone Enters the High School as Principal

Anna Sirianni
Web Editor 

In September 2013, New Hope-Solebury High School was introduced to principal Charles Malone, previously the New Hope-Solebury Middle School Principal. Malone attended Temple University. There he earned a Bachelor’s degree of Science in Secondary Social Studies Education, as well as a Master’s degree of Arts in Educational Administration.
 The students at the High School range from grades 9-12, so opinions on this drastic change in power varied. Mr. Malone spent several years as the NH-S Middle School principal. This position gave him knowledge about the New Hope-Solebury School District and the students within.
 The new principal can be seen by most at least once a day throughout the school, which has been rare and difficult for previous principals. He can be seen holding doors for students as they enter the building or in the hallways between classes. Malone even knows many of the current freshmen and sophomores from their time in the middle school.
 During his term as middle school Principal, Malone posted weekly updates on the school website. He incorporated the happenings of our global community into these writings.
 On January 2, 2013, following the elementary school shootings in Newtown, Connecticut, Malone applied the current event to his “refocus on safety and security” procedures in the middle school. It was obvious that the students were preoccupied with this national news, and he acknowledged this in an appropriate way.
 Though Malone knew these students several years ago, he now gets the privilege to see an obvious increase in maturity, attitude towards school, and outlook on life overall from these familiar faces. Malone’s boundless spirit is a refreshing change of pace at the high school. His best interest is very obviously in the favor of students.
 It seems that Mr. Malone’s only motives are success and happiness for New Hope’s students. Students of NH-S High School are eager learners, and only positive results can come from this new, spirited force leading them. 

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