Thursday, October 10, 2013

NHS Security Watch: Raptor System Installed in all New Hope-Solebury Schools

Heather Borochaner
Staff Writer

Security is a must have in all schools. Recently, New Hope Solebury schools have installed what is called the Raptor System. This system requires adults trying to enter the school to scan any kind of government given ID, like a driver's license or a passport, and have a full analysis of criminal records before being allowed to go anywhere in the school. If an adult has already had their ID scanned, the only thing they are required to do is give their last name, and their name is searched up, which tells the office worker if that person has been scanned into the system. If they have been scanned and checked over, they are given a badge that contains their name, picture, and the date they are coming into the school. If the person trying to get into the school is alerted to be a criminal, alerts will be sent by text and email to all school authorities, and the situation will be handled from there.
 "We are working on a way to get all of the scanning done outside the school," says Ms. Nealis, one of the office workers who has tended to the Raptor System. The system itself is set up just outside the school's front entrance, close to where students scan their Key Cards. The adult is let inside and directed straight to the office where their information will be given.
 Mr. Radaszkiewicz, the information technology director of the school, says: "In order to have the scanning done outside the school, there will be a kiosk or a self service area that automatically does the scanning. Either way, there will have to be physical changes to the school buildings."
 The Raptor System was installed in all New Hope-Solebury schools about two weeks ago. The idea to get the system installed was given to many of the school authorities while they were visiting other schools that had the system installed, like the school principal Mr. Malone and Mr. Radaszkiewicz. A meeting concerning the system will be held in around a month to discuss how the system can be improved.

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  1. The fact is that if an adult who is up to no good, wants to get into the high school or middle school, he does not have to try going through the front entrance of these schools. There are at least twelve entrances where students enter using a key fob. All these "well dressed adults" have to do is hang around in the vicinity of these multiple entrances, because sooner than later there will be an opening. As of this time the administration has not done the right thing which is to collect the fobs and dismantle the ability to get into the school via the fobs.