Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hope and Sole Cafe Gets an Upgrade

Brooke Black & Taylor Selbst
Staff Writers

Hope and Sole was the newest addition to our school last year, but it  has just been renovated and improved. A lot of hard work and time was put into the cafe to make it more convenient for everyone  in the high school. Each morning students come to Hope and Sole before first period and treat themselves to a variety of hot or cold beverages and now a huge selection of breakfast foods.
The Hope and Sole Cafe is no longer just a place for breakfast bars. They have added bagel as well as breakfast sandwiches. Students should take advantage of the new products being sold. The more Hope and Sole sells, the bigger their opportunity for adding more tasty menu items down the road. Sophomore Danny Doherty says: “Everything sold at Hope and Sole is scrumdidlyumptious!”

Hope and Sole was a great success from the start and it is only expected to become a bigger success. Don’t miss the chance to go because everyone is talking about it. Many high school students don’t have the time in the morning to make breakfast at home so the Hope and Sole cafe is convenient to everybody.

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