Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Chipotle fundraiser is a success

Spencer Tinkel
Staff Writer

 In an effort to raise money for the class, the Class of 2015 had one of the most successful school fundraisers in recent years by incorporating Chipotle, a hit amongst students and faculty at New Hope-Solebury high school. On April 30, from hours 3 to 9, 50% of the money made from purchases made at Chipotle would benefit the Class of 2015.
 The idea was sound and steady. Students at New Hope-Solebury often visit the Chipotle in Valley Square, so why not utilize this fact to the school’s benefit. Some were skeptical, thinking a very small amount of money would be made since the event was held on a school night. The skeptics were wrong, as the Class was able to raise almost 1,000 dollars. That’s a lot of burritos.
 “Fundraising in high school these days is very difficult. Fresh ideas are tough to come by. With this event however, we were able to utilize the fact that people could enjoy a nice meal from a popular chain, while have the ability to benefit directly from the student’s enjoyment. It was a win-win,” an exuberant President Max Masino had to say.
 All the students had to do was show their flyer to the cashier and 50% of the funds would benefit NHS. The officers of the Class did an exceptional job of spreading the word by not only handing out flyers, but getting the word out via social media.
 “Having social media has changed the game. We can now spread news without actually seeing someone face to face. For those who lost their flyer, students had the opportunity to pull up a picture of the flyer via Twitter. We will definitely continue to incorporate social media into our fundrasinig,” said President Max Masino.

 One thing is for sure. The Class of 2015 has changed the game of fundraising. Hopefully, this opens the door to different, more rewarding types of fundraising.

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