Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Blue denies Gold the opportunity of a 4-peat

Riley Brennan
Features and A&E editor

Spirit Week 2017 has definitely been one to remember, with the Blue team taking home the victory this year. The theme the student government decided on this year was Pixar, which has been very popular among students. Junior Erica Brennan loves this year’s theme: “The theme this year reminds me of my childhood, and makes me feel really nostalgic!”
 Each grade was assigned a different Pixar movie to decorate their hallway:  Freshman, A Bug's Life; Sophomore, Finding Nemo; Juniors, Toy Story, and the Seniors,  UP. Different Pixar movies were also used as themes for the different activities that were held at night at the school.
 On Monday night the school hosted its annual Luau, but this year it modeled itself after the movie Ratatouille, and featured Remy’s Bake Off. Students competed for their team by bringing in homemade baked goods to be judged. On Tuesday, there was a girls’ basketball game, which was orange-themed in honour of Melanie Abele being cancer free. Wednesday and Thursday night were dedicated to decorating the hallways.
 There were two competitions held before the Friday finale. On Wednesday, the Student Government hosted a Pixar-themed Family Feud contest during fifth period. The Blue team proved to know the teachers best, winning the game show. Then on Thursday the famous “talent show for the untalented”--now known as “New Hope’s Got Talent”--was held during third period. Many humorous acts performed. One of the Gold team’s acts secured the first place spot while the Blue team took home second and third.
  Then came the tallies for the coin and the can drives. On Thursday the coins from the coin wars were counted after school, and the Blue team brought in the winning total of $1400 compared to the  Gold team’s with $700. Finally, on Friday, the final day of Spirit Week, the cans were counted. The Gold team beat out Blue with 2500 pounds versus 500 pounds. All of the coins and cans went to charity, making it impossible for anyone to truly “lose.” With the Blue team winning the coins and the Gold team winning the cans, it all came down to the hallways and the games.
 The last two periods of Friday were dedicated to the Spirit Week games. Students from every grade competed in multiple events: the obstacle courses, izzy dizzy, tug of war, one-on-one tug of war, half-court basketball shot, trash can basketball, and more. During the games, the winners of the hallway competition were announced. The senior class took first place, freshman got second, sophomores took third, and juniors earned fourth. When the games came to an end, it was finally time to tally the points and announce the winner of Spirit Week. The usual unity speeches were made, and then Mr. G took the floor, students on both teams in the bleachers cheering for their team as he held up gold and blue pompoms, until finally throwing up the blue one, granting the senior class their second Spirit Week win, and the freshman’s first.

 Winning or losing didn’t seem to matter to students because that night many could be seen in attendance at the annual “I Heart Techno” dance. The dance helped to bring all of the grades back together, and draw to a close the end of an awesome week.

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