Wednesday, February 15, 2017

GSA celebrates Valentine’s Day with first-ever dance

Amanda Horak, Parker Miele, and Isaac Zucker
Staff Writers

On Friday, Feb. 10, the GSA held a Valentine’s Dance for New Hope Students. President Tali Natan and Vice President Fiona Male came up with the idea and began organizing the dance last year. There was food, decorations, and great music. 
  “Everything went as planned! The food was good, decorations were beautiful, and the music was perfectly selected,” Tali Natan said. 
  Bernadette del Prado was the DJ of the dance, playing a Spotify playlist with the best current dance music. People got to take a break from all the dancing with a snack table, which included some baked goods, fruit, lemonade, and water. 
  While some just sat and enjoyed the food, many decided to dance with their friends and celebrate Valentine’s Day a little early. The night went well and everyone who attended had a lot of fun and are hoping that there will be another dance next year. 
  The proceeds from the dance went to the school club, Gender Sexuality Alliance, with the hope that they will be able to do more events and dances in the future. Thanks to all that supported the club, and for those that didn’t go hope to see you next year!

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