Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Results of the parking lot recount combined with advice for students

Mackenzie Carpenter, Nina Coughlin, and Courtney Purdy
Staff Writers

As the holidays are approaching, as well as the freezing weather, many students who still do not have a parking pass are concerned about the long cold walk from Saint Martin’s Church. Students were noticing that there were empty spaces in both the East and West lot everyday, and requested there be a parking space recount. Mr. Demby, New Hope-Solebury security staff, conducted a recount in both the East and West parking lots. Although the recount revealed nearly 20 empty spots in both lots combined, that does not necessarily mean 20 more students will receive a parking pass.
  “We need to leave spots open for visitors, substitute teachers, and parents,” stated Mr. Demby. “We can’t have every spot filled by the students and everyday staff because that leaves no room for outside visitors.”
  Future fixes to the parking lot issue were brainstormed by a group of senior writers for The Lion’s Tale to help those students who are uneasy about the walk from the church. Just because a student possesses  a car and a license that does not mean that person has the right to drive to school everyday. Many schools in the surrounding area limit their student parking to seniors ONLY. Students who have late arrival and/or early dismissal should have priority to a parking pass. Those who plays sports or participate in afterschool activities should also get priority in the distribution of parking passes. If a student is not in possession of a parking pass, then that person absolutely has to exercise their ability to ask a friend or peer for a ride to and from school. New Hope is a small town and many people here live in a small radius to one another. Instead of making it a priority to complain to the school about something that is out of administration’s  control, make it a priority to find a ride to and from school: ask people who live nearby, play on the same team, or have late arrival/early dismissal.
  Students put a lot of pressure on the school and the administration to accommodate to the needs and wants and they rarely realize the other factors that play into it.
  Unfortunately, those parking in the church have to walk a considerable distance to get to school no matter where they park. Whether they are on campus or at the church, they have to walk in the cold, and sadly the school cannot change the weather.

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