Thursday, October 27, 2016

Reality behind the polls may be closer than it appears

Lauren Walinski
Staff Writer

Throughout this election, polls on the percentages of people voting for each candidate have been a focus for much of the country. The polls update daily, and as of October 27, the numbers are as follows: Clinton is in the lead with 45.7% of the vote and her numbers have been increasing. Trump comes next, with 40% of the vote. Trump’s numbers are also rising. As for the third party candidates, Johnson had 5.8% of votes country-wide while Stein has 1.8%. Both of their numbers are decreasing.
 On a smaller scale there are also surveys of the individual states. As of October 27, Clinton has 47.0% of Pennsylvania vote and Trump has 42.7%. However, Clinton’s numbers appear to be falling as Trump’s appear to be rising. The percentages of the third party candidates were not listed.
 When confronted with the results of these polls, Trump claimed they were “phony” and that the media was biased against him. He was quoted telling telling a crowd: “When we do badly, I don't know about polls, right? But when we're doing well, I know about polls” and even reported telling supports “I believe we are actually winning” despite his numbers showing otherwise.
Due to Clinton’s strong lead, her campaign fears voters will assume her win is assured and supporters won’t turn out. On the opposite side, the Trump campaign worries his supports will think his loss is definite and followers won’t vote. The final vote, therefore, is expected to be very close.

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