Tuesday, March 8, 2016

New plus-size Barbie shows realistic representation of body types

Bernadette del Prado and Parker Miele
Staff Writers

Barbie dolls, the toy almost every child wanted. The only problem with the old Barbie was that her physique was impossible to achieve and was advertising poor characterics towards child consumers. After 57 years, Barbie dolls have finally come in many different races and sizes. Mattel has introduced 23 new versions of Barbies from short to tall, skinny to curvy, white or black and have shown a new side to the popular children’s toy.
 Mattel had finally decided to advertise that the generic Barbie doll is not the only “pretty” one. They have come to show that all types of body sizes, races, and personalities are beautiful. Mattel has always advertised that every little girl should be like Barbie. In 1965, the Slumber Party Barbie included a How to Lose Weight booklet. This booklet told girls if they want to be skinnier, just don’t eat, which was the only advice in the booklet, as well as other Barbies were advertising poor behavior, such as being 110lbs as a 5ft”9’ girl, not being able to do math because they’re too pretty, teen pregnancy, and many other controversial issues. Although they have fixed the issue with Barbie, the public are trying to get a change in the Ken doll. This is so men also don’t feel that they have to have the “perfect” body as well, there are many different skin types and body sizes, and they are all beautiful.

 The new Barbie is more accepting of all sizes and races, which help girl have more self esteem and confidence. The company did a great job on the new dolls, but now they just have to consumers are waiting for  a new Ken doll with different races and body types.  The new and improved Barbie hopefully has changed the eyes of little girls and not basing their looks off of one doll.

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