Friday, December 13, 2013

Adopt-A-Child Returns to New Hope This Holiday Season

Nicole Martin
Bailey Hendricks
Staff Writers

What do you think when you hear the word Christmas? Do you think presents? Santa Claus? Decorations? Hot chocolate? Fires?  Family? Christmas Trees? Music? Cookies? Or Snow? For some children in our area, these thoughts do not come to mind. It is a time when all of their friends are receiving gifts, but they are in an unfortunate situation where their parents cannot afford the frivolous  things in life, including presents for their own children. No longer is it a season of joy for them, but a season of regret  and sadness  for the thought of waking up to a bare christmas tree.  

New Hope-Solebury High School is pairing up with Adopt-A-Child this year in order to grant the wishes of numerous children. Key Club is running the event partnering with Fisherman’s Mark, getting each homeroom to participate and select one child to grant their holiday wishes. Each homeroom  will attempt to buy each of the items from a child’s list and bring them back to the school on December 19th  in order for them to be delivered  to Fisherman’s Mark, where they will be  handed over to the parents’ possession.  A $150 maximum has been established for each child in order to make it fair in a household with numerous children. Make sure not to wrap the presents and preferably give newly purchased items! December 11th was when the money was due and we have already adopted all of the children, but any further money brought will go towards Giant gift cards for underprivileged families, so they can enjoy a lovely holiday meal. Ms. Soriano has stated that “ Adopt-A-Child is the most rewarding and fulfilling project we (Key Club) do.” Indeed Key Club has made quite a difference again this holiday season.

Adopt-A-Child for the Holidays began in 1995 at Fisherman’s Mark of Lambertville, NJ and they have been working with New Hope-Solebury High School ever since; it was originally started by the Community Service Club, it has now been renamed to Key Club. Since the start Adopt-A-Child has been helping more and more children every year. Starting with about 50 children in 1995 to an amazing number of over 300 in the recent years. To this date not letting one child go giftless for Christmas!


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